Manifest Destiny, a expression coined in 1845, is the idea that the United claims is destined—by God, its supporters believed—to broaden its dominion and also spread democracy and also capitalism across the entire North American continent. The approach drove 19th-century U.S. Ar expansion and also was supplied to justify the compelled removal of indigenous Americans and other groups from their homes. The rapid development of the United says intensified the issue of enslavement as brand-new states were added to the Union, bring about the outbreak that the civil War.

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Louisiana Purchase

Thanks to a high bear rate and brisk immigration, the U.S. Populace exploded in the an initial half of the 19th century, from approximately 5 million world in 1800 to an ext than 23 million by 1850.

Such fast growth—as well together two economic depressions in 1819 and 1839—would drive numerous Americans from the west in search of brand-new land and new opportunities.

President thomas Jefferson kicked off the country’s westward development in 1803 v the Louisiana Purchase, i m sorry at some 828,000 square miles virtually doubled the dimension of the united States and also stretched from the Mississippi flow to the Rocky Mountains. In addition to sponsoring the western exploration of Lewis and Clark the 1805-07, Jefferson also collection his sights ~ above Spanish Florida, a process that was lastly concluded in 1819 under chairman James Monroe.

But movie critics of that treaty faulted Monroe and also his secretary the state, john Quincy Adams, because that yielding to Spain what they taken into consideration legitimate claims on Texas, where countless Americans continued to settle.

In 1823, Monroe invoked Manifest Destiny as soon as he spoke before Congress to warn European countries not to interfere v America’s from the west expansion, threaten that any type of attempt by europeans to colonize the “American continents” would certainly be viewed as an plot of war. This policy of an American sphere of influence and also of non-intervention in european affairs ended up being known together the “Monroe Doctrine.” ~ 1870, it would be supplied as a rationale for U.S. Treatment in Latin America.

Texas Independence

Cries for the “re-annexation” the Texas raised after Mexico, having won its self-reliance from Spain, passed a legislation suspending U.S. Immigration into Texas in 1830.

Nonetheless, there to be still much more Anglo settlers in Texas than Hispanic ones, and in 1836, ~ Texas winner its own independence, its new leaders seek to join the unified States. The managements of both Andrew Jackson and also Martin valve Buren resisted such calls, fearing both war v Mexico and also opposition from americans who thought calls for annexation were connected with the desire to broaden slavery in the Southwest.

But man Tyler, who won the presidency in 1840, was figured out to proceed with the annexation. An commitment concluded in April 1844 make Texas eligible for admission as a U.S. Territory, and also possibly later as one or much more states.

Despite opposition come this agreement in Congress, the pro-annexation candidate James K. Polk winner the 1844 election, and Tyler to be able to press the bill through and also sign it before he left office.

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The Coining the 'Manifest Destiny'

By the time Texas was admitted come the Union as a state in December 1845, the idea the the united States must inevitably expand westward every the way to the Pacific Ocean had actually taken for sure hold amongst people from different regions, classes and political persuasions.