Abbreviations and Commonly used Expressions

With any type of hobby, there space a many phrases and terms used and also known only by the hobbyists themselves. Cubing is no exemption to this, as there are several phrases, abbreviation or inside-jokes used typically in the cubing civilization that most people might not understand. Some are relatively obvious and/or used in other hobbies, yet most are unique to speedcubing.

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U - clockwise rotation the the upperlayer

PB (Personal Best)

If a speedcuber solves a puzzle much faster than lock have ever done before, the is recognized as a PB or personal best. Most speedcubers have a text document or Excel spreadsheet somewhere v their PB’s because that every event. These can be PB solitary (best individual resolve ever) or for one of the averages detailed below.

DNF (Did no Finish)

You obtain this penalty once you don"t finish the cube inspection in 15 seconds or the cube is no in fixed position as soon as you protect against the timer.

Ao5, Ao12 etc. (Average the …) and also Mo3 (Mean of 3)

Single solves in speedcubing deserve to be fairly lucky. Therefore, most of the bragging legal rights within the community go to the finest averages solvers deserve to achieve. An typical of 5 (Ao5) is calculated using any type of five consecutive solves. The fastest and slowest time in the average are removed (to remove any ridiculously rapid or slow-moving solves the may have occurred and would lug the average greater or lower) and also then a average is calculated through the last 3 solves. The mean of 12 is calculated the exact same way, with the middle 10 solves gift used. A median of 3 is generally used in competitions because that puzzles that take also the fastest solvers several minutes come complete. This is comparable to the average of 5 concept, but only 3 solves are performed and, nevertheless of the traditional deviation, a median is calculated through those three solves.

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Any actions within the Fridrich an approach (Cross/Plus, F2L, OLL, PLL)

The Fridrich (or CFOP) technique is the most typically used speedsolving technique due to its efficiency, simplicity and low-algorithm expertise requirements. Cross is the first step in this technique where four edges are inserted intuitively on the exactly face. F2L stand for very first 2 Layers. This step requires inserting “pairs” of corners and edges into the spaces around the four edges dependency on the centres. OLL means Orientation of the last Layer. Once the first two layers space solved, only the top faces’ pieces will remain. Orientation entails using a previously memorised algorithm to get the very same colour dealing with up on every piece. PLL represents Permutation of the last Layer, and this simply involves performing an additional algorithm to move the pieces about on the peak layer whilst keeping the color on top, addressing the puzzle.