On this page, we space going to teach you everything you ever wanted come know about the an easy word “J’adore”.

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More precisely, this consists of a complete guide the what it is and how to usage it in a conversation v an audio example. As well as the cool informations we added like slow pronunciation audio, conversation example and also more!

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The an interpretation of “J’adore” is a complicated mix between “I really like” and also “I love“. We use it to express enjoyment about something or as soon as we room asked about our preferences.

It will certainly be much more clear soon, but first, we have to clarify once and for all the “Does j’adore method I choose or i love?” debate.

If you space talking about something (like hobbies, movies, food, etc.) there are 3 main options, in order:Soft → J’aime bien → I type of like itMedium → J’aime → I like itStrong → J’adore → ns love that / ns really like the / I’m fond of it

But if you space talking around someone, you have the same options BUT IN A various ORDER:Soft → Je t’aime bien → I kind of choose youMedium → Je t’adore → i really like you (“Not romantically“)Strong → Je t’aime → i love friend (“Romantically“)

There are 3 essential conclusions here.

First, in French “J’aime” isn’t always the many powerful word, on the contradictory of “Love” in English. Once talking about something else 보다 a person, “J’adore” has much more power.

Secondly, once romance is involved, over there is just one means to express it: “Je t’aime“. Making use of “Je t’adore” doesn’t suggest romantic feeling but a solid appreciation instead. (e.g. Good friends or household members)

Thirdly, including “bien” (good) after “Je t’aime” doesn’t suggest a stronger “romantic love” feeling, as we might think at first. That’s even the opposite: it method there is no romantic involved, in reality it’s also weaker 보다 saying “Je t’adore“.

That’s why it’s for this reason confusing for English speakers… however as long as you follow this rules, it will be fine.

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If someone asks you: “Do girlfriend like to read? ” you can say “Oui, j’adore !” (Yes, I’m fond of it!). However if you are asked instead: “What execute you like?” you have the right to say “J’adore lire.” (I’m fond that reading.)

Now, let’s imagine you space visiting Paris and also you view the Eiffel Tower for the very first time, you can say: “J’adore !” (I love it!). You don’t need to specify what girlfriend “adore“, it’s understandable with context.

Now let’s see broader examples to make it crystal clear!I’m in love v you → Je t’aimeI love playing basketball → J’adore jouer au basketI favor eating fruits → J’aime manger des fruitsI sort of choose this music → J’aime bien cette chansonI sort of prefer her/him → Je l’aime bienI really like you, as a friend → Je t’adore, comme un(e) ami(e)I favor you, as a girlfriend → Je t’aime bien, comme un(e) ami(e)