Break who of other Meaning

Definition: To make someone discontinue a habit.

Origin of break Someone that Something

This idiom originated around the early-1600s. One of the definitions of rest is come suddenly avoid something. That is most likely that this meaning of rest is regarded the advance of the idiom.

See here for a discussion of break and also brake.

Examples of break Someone the Something

In this conversation, 2 high-school students are talking around what come wear top top the first day of school.

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Lisa: So, execute you understand what you room going come wear ~ above the first day the school? I just went shopping and also found a few different outfits that i like.

Jackie: i hadn’t yes, really thought about it. Probably simply something comfortable choose my old jeans and also a plain white T-shirt.

Lisa: the is for this reason boring! You must wear something interesting and new for the first day.

Jackie: Really? Does the matter?

Lisa: Of course it matters. I’m going to break you of wearing the exact same outfit year ~ year. Friend are getting too provided to the same style. You need to try new things!

Jackie: Oh. Ns guess that’s true. I mean I could get a couple of new garments to upgrade my wardrobe.

In the dialogue below, 2 friends room discussing how to quit smoking.

Seth: execute you desire a cigarette?

Jimmy: No thanks. Ns quit a couple of months ago.

Seth: Really? I know you had actually wanted come quit for a long time but were really struggling with it. What taken place to ultimately break friend of the habit?

Jimmy: I got an e-cigarette. It allowed me to gradually wean myself off the nicotine. Girlfriend should try it! It can break you of your load a day habit.

Seth: It would be nice come quit. Probably I’ll try it.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a male whose total obsession led to coming to be a hunter.

This excerpt is around a coach who preserved using the exact same plays for his team over and also over again.


To break someone the something method to protect against someone from doing something he or she accustomed come doing.


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