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Fluid in the endometrial cavity can an outcome from a number of causes if excessive and also associated through distension. 


There are essentially three varieties of fluid: 

Premenopausalnormal (i.e. Physiological)Postmenopausal

Often a concern and also some support the visibility of echogenic liquid or an accompanying abnormal endometrial thickness as one indication because that endometrial sampling 1-2.

Some authors suggest sampling if the neighboring endometrium is end 3 mm 2.

use of estrogen replacement treatment 5
obstetricsfirst trimesterultrasound findings in beforehand pregnancygestational sacfetal polefetal love rateembryo/fetusconfirming intrauterine gestationfirst trimester quality bleedingectopic pregnancytubal ectopicatypical ectopic pregnanciesinterstitial ectopicfailed early on pregnancymiscarriagethreatened miscarriageanembryonic pregnancyyolk sac abnormalitiesmultiple gestationssignsaneuploidy testingantenatal screeningsecond trimesterfetal biometrybasic biometryamniotic liquid volumeoligohydramnios (mnemonic)fetal morphology assessmentfetal echocardiography viewssoft markersabsent sleep boneshortened fetal lengthy bonesaberrant best subclavian arteryDoppler ultrasoundumbilical artery Doppler assessmentfetal center cerebral arterial Doppler assessmentfetal ductus venosus flow assessmentotherplacentaplacental anatomyplacental thicknessplacental gradingvariation in placental morphologyzonary placentaplacental developmental abnormalitiesplacenta previaspectrum the abnormal placental villous adherenceabnormalities of cord insertionabruptio placentaeplacental abruptionplacental pathologyvascular pathologies that placentaplacental infectionsplacental massesplacental cystplacental surface ar cystplacental tumorsmolar pregnancyhydatidiform moletwin placentamultifetal pregnancymiscellaneousgynecologyuterusendometriumendometrial thicknessendometrial carcinomaadenocarcinoma (endometrium)intrauterine contraceptive devicemyometriumfibroids (uterine leiomyoma) Mullerian duct anomaliesovariesovarian folliclepelvic inflammation diseaseovarian cysts and also massesovarian epithelial tumorsserous tumorsmucinous tumorsmetastasiscervixfallopian tubeothermale genital tractprostate glandtransrectal ultrasoundprostate tumorsprostate adenocarcinomaimaging in prostate adenocarcinomaprostate adenocarcinoma staginginfections that the prostateprostatitisacute bacter prostatitischronic prostatitischronic bacterial prostatitischronic prostatitis and also chronic pelvic pains syndrome (CPPS)asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitisgranulomatous prostatitiscystic lesions of the prostatetestesunilateral testicular lesiongerm cell tumors that the testisnon seminomatous germ cabinet tumorsmixed germ cell tumorembryonal cabinet carcinomachoriocarcinomasex cord / stromal tumors that the testistesticular lymphomabilateral testicular lesionparatesticular lesionsepididymisotherspermatic cordpenisKUBkidneysrenal massesrenal cell carcinomarenal cystic diseaseBosniak classificationpolycystic diseaserenal infectionpyelonephritisvasculartraumarenal traumaureterureteral strictureureteral dilatationureteral anomaliesotherbladdernormal bladder anatomybladder wall surface thickeningbladder calculiureterocelecystitisbladder cancerurachuscongenital urachal anomalies (classification)

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