Steam Content record locked is a vapor app error that showcase once you’re updating, downloading, or installing a new game. It is just one of the many vapor app errors that prohibit united state from playing brand-new games.

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Of course, girlfriend can always reinstall the steam application but it isn’t a permanent solution. A basic fix is to simply reset the Winsock which follow to the 80% of the vapor community has fixed the problem. But for the staying 20%, you could have to follow some extr methods to eliminate the heavy steam game content document locked error. This write-up is specialized to all the gamers, that are struggling to deal with this problem or simply want to invest the weekend play their favorite title.

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6 techniques to fix vapor Content record Locked Conclusion:

Why Content file Locked heavy steam Error Occur?


As mentioned previously, over there are lots of errors you can witness while using the steam app. Maybe while reading this, you have discovered a brand-new error that none other members in the neighborhood have witnessed. That is common in these type of the application as greatly it is a software-based problem. A heavy steam download content record locked error can occur due to the fact that of:

Bad record directoryFile marked as spam through AntivirusA difficulty in the WinsockCorrupt documents on her computerNot enough room in the hardwareNot administrative privileges granted

6 methods to fix vapor Content file Locked

By adhering to one of this methods, your heavy steam problem will certainly be solved.

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Note: The steam Download Content file Locked error is the same. Just the wording is changed.

Method 1: inspect your Antivirus Program

Whenever there’s a problem, us blame the antivirus software. And yes, in most cases it does problem with our system files. If they don’t uncover an yes, really virus on her computer, they start removing other programs file or note them together malware.

If you’ve mounted an Antivirus program, probably it has deleted some of your game files. You have the right to disable the Antivirus routine or revoke that to make any more changes in the steam library.

Method 2: Verify steam Game Files

Locate the antivirus security program symbol on the notification areaRight-click ~ above it and select Stop, close up door Down, Disable, or similar optionsGo to the game that is giving you the errorRight-click on the game icon, walk to Library > regional Files, and also Select ‘Verify integrity of game Files…


Steam will now re-download the documents that are formerly corrupted by her antivirus. If the difficulty is fixed, blame it all to your antivirus.

Method 3: Reset Winsock

Now for the 80% method, resetting the Winsock will surely settle the steam content record locked problem on her computer.

Open the Run Command or push Windows + R keyEnter ‘netsh reset winsock‘ and also click OKRestart your computer


By just complying with this simple method, your difficulty will it is in fixed. Every hail come the reset winsock command. Because that extra detectives, it is a socket-based program that resets the downloaded directory of the previously downloaded or to update content. Don’t worry, your papers will not be removed.

Method 4: Manually Repair heavy steam Corrupt Files

This is prefer a ninja technique for fixing heavy steam errors. If the automatic repair an option doesn’t work-related (Method 2), it is time to take the matter into hands. Thankfully, vapor allows you come play through the rooted files of your video game library. You have the right to manually resolve the corrupt files. This an approach includes a lot of steps so bear through us

Exit steam and go to the installed application location catalog (Default Location: C:/Program documents (x86)/Steam)Navigate to the folder named ‘logs‘Right-click on it and also open together ‘txt‘ document (Notepad)Move to the bottom of the file and find the many recent error


It will look something like in the picture listed below. Right here you have to note the APPID. In this case, it is 346110. This number is the APPID for the specified video game that is encountering the error message. After ~ this, keep in mind the root folder location (570371714). In this case, the is written right alongside the AppID.

Exit the text paper and navigate to the root folder (using the ID: 570371714)Restart the steam AppMove on to her game downloading folder

Now steam will ask you to upgrade some files, click on the Update button and also your difficulty will it is in fixed.

Method 5: readjust the Game file Location

Changing the default game document location can additionally serve as useful. Follow the steps provided below to readjust your heavy steam game document location.

Open Steam Client and click settingsClick Downloads > vapor Library Folders > add Library folder


Here choose the brand-new location because that the directory and also close the Steam ClientGo to the installed vapor directory and Delete the exe fileMake certain you don’t delete the SteamApp and also UserData folderMove these documents to the specified place in Step 3Open vapor and login v your account credentials again

Steam will now download some chunks that the file and voila, your games are working again.

Method 6: check Disk Scan

Sometimes the poor sector in her drive can cause different errors to occur. If disk fragmentation is not allowed on her computer, make sure to permit it. It will optimize her hardware for better performance. To examine your computer for any kind of hard drive negative sectors, follow the steps listed below:

Open Run Command and also enter cmdType in chkdsk c:/f and also press enterPress ‘Y‘ come confirm as Yes

Now home windows will carry out a thoroughly disk inspect for the mentioned drive. Once done, your problem will it is in fixed.


The heavy steam Content record Locked is a common form of error that can take place while you’re updating, installing, or downloading and install a game via Steam. You can fix the problem by following the 6 methods listed above. Allow us know which technique worked. We’ll be happy to help you with various other steam-based errors.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

How do I resolve content locked on Steam?

The easiest means to deal with content locked on heavy steam is come reset winsock in the operation command.

What does content document locked mean on Steam?

Content record locked ~ above steam way that the ar of the magazine is readjusted or the program has actually experienced some type of corruption data.

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Will steam download if the computer is locked?

Yes, as lengthy as the mechanism is no in the sleep or suspended condition, heavy steam will proceed downloading.