I was recently driving around my neighborhood at night and noticed an interesting trend. Among my neighbors had a red porch irradiate while the other had actually a eco-friendly porch light. I assumed that the lamp were for seasonal celebrations.

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However, if admiring the lights, a inquiry popped right into my head: to be my neighbors having a porch “light war?”

The next day, ns ran into one of my neighbors, and I request him about it. To my surprise, i learned the his mam recently had actually a love attack and also they were making use of the porch lights as a method to carry awareness to women’s love health. I had no idea porch lamp were supplied for society awareness, and I started wondering what my other neighbors’ environment-friendly lights meant.

The neighbor through the red porch light shared how he gained his idea indigenous the eco-friendly porch light neighbor and that castle weren’t having a “light war.” Instead, castle both want to carry attention to their specific causes.

As a result, my neighbors’ advocacy empowered me to learn much more about porch light colors and also their meanings. Right here is what i found:

The Red Porch Light


America’s veterans are some of the bravest and strongest men and also women in the world. Honoring civilization who have served our nation requires much more than placing up a green light. Those that have actually lived and/or passed away for our country are heroes in every shape and form. However, adding a environment-friendly porch irradiate to your residence is merely one method to show your evaluation of our veterans.

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The “Green light a Vet” movement has become an ext trendy every year! With much more families in the military, over there are much more American’s come support! The shade green to represent the camouflaged jackets the the united state military. You deserve to use a eco-friendly front porch light to bring attention to your previous service, or the company of others!

Do you have a veteran in your family that you desire to honor?

How You can Support the Movement

The USAR military website states, “Let us honor ours veterans not only on November 11th yet all year round!

Do so by transforming one light to green in a visible place – on your porch, her home, or at her office- and keep it glow every day together a prize of appreciation and support because that our veterans.

Then, to assist share your support, take it a photo of your green light and post it using the hashtag #greenlightavet. You have the right to learn much more by researching the “Greenlight A Vet campaign.”

This movement is a great way to show your respect for our military, and who knows– it could even do a couple of of your neighbor’s day! What space you waiting for? Go support a vet!