In a brand-new series of write-ups we thought that we would certainly answer questions about topics linked to Epiacum and also the neighboring area. Whilst us are starting with a question around the Romans the totality site about Epiacum Fort has a lot of more background and archeology than just the period the Romans to be in the area. In truth there have been find of Mesolithic (Middle stone-age circa 8,000 – 4,000 BCE*) worked flint thought to be from approximately 6,000 BCE ~ above the site. For this reason the whole site has evidence of person habitation for much more than the last 8,000 years! an ext of this in later posts.

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Why were the Romans called ‘Romans’ and also not ‘Italians’?


Italy didn’t actually end up being a unified nation until 1861 when a repertoire of states and also regions were lugged together as the Kingdom the Italy. The procedure of marriage took part time and was began in 1815.

Whilst the lower peninsula the what is now well-known as Italy was recognized is the Peninsula Italia together long earlier as the very first Romans (people native the City the Rome) as long about as 1,000 BCE the name only referred to the floor mass no the people.

The Latins


Italic people c 1000

Peninsula Italia was occupied by a number of what are well-known as Italic Tribes and one of this was well-known as the Latins from Latium, i beg your pardon is the area around the river Tiber whereby Rome to be situated and also where the Latin language gets its name from.

It is believed that the Latins migrated to this area during the so late Bronze age (about 1200 – 900 BCE) from further east. The Latins continued to be a distinct tribe or repertoire of households until around 753 BCE as soon as Rome (known then as Roma) was founded and started to construct as a city.

Rome started to become an effective around 600BCE and was developed into a Republic in 509BCE. That was approximately this time (750’s – 600 BCE) that the Latins who stayed in Rome became known together Romans.

As you deserve to see the identity as one Italian (from Italy) was no to take place for another 2,614 years!

Rome like countless other nations was originally a little kingdom native 753 BCE until 509 BCE when the roman inn monarchy was overthrown and also the last king the the Romans, the unpopular Lucius Tarquinius Superbus to be exiled during a politics revolution.

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Why the Romans are referred to as Romans

The point of every one of this is that the mind-set or thinking of the day was not about the idea of countries and nations but rather tribal regions and also home cities / towns and also villages. Essentially the identification of an separation, personal, instance or family was based upon their ‘home’ tribe. Also though the Romans controlled substantial tracts that land and also sea, their identification was based upon their ‘home’ – the city of Rome.