Oscillator circuits are among the basic building block of amateur radio equipment. Oscillator circuits are not only used to generate the signals we transmit. Lock are likewise an integral component of receivers, such as the superheterodyne receiver.

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You can think of an oscillator as an amplifier through a tuned circuit at the input. This tuned circuit could be one LC circuit or a crystal. The values of the contents in the tuned circuit identify the output frequency of the oscillator. There room three types of oscillator circuits frequently used in Amateur Radio equipment – Colpitts, Hartley and also Pierce. (E7H01) Colpitts and also Hartley oscillator circuits are generally used in VFOs. (E7H06)

For a circuit to oscillate, it must have positive feedback v a get greater than 1. (E7H02) In a Hartley oscillator, confident feedback is supplied through a tapped coil.


(E7H03) In a Colpitts oscillator, hopeful feedback is supplied through a capacitive divider. (E7H04)


In a Pierce oscillator, hopeful feedback is supplied v a quartz crystal. (E7H05).


In addition to these an easy oscillators, there are a couple of other oscillator types that you have to know about for the Extra course test. A magnetron oscillator is a UHF or microwave oscillator consisting of a diode vacuum tube v a specially shame anode, surrounding by an exterior magnet. (E7H07) A Gunn diode oscillator is an oscillator based upon the negative resistance nature of properly-doped semiconductors. (E7H08)

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