You have the right to drop a dress size (anywhere indigenous 10 to 15 pounds, or about an customs or two from her bust and hips) and be special-occasion slim in only six weeks. The secret? Twenty minutes of cardio 4-6 time a week, skip diet saboteurs, and an effective strength cultivate routine.

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You open your mailbox and also there that is: her invite come a fast-approaching wedding, class reunion, or family members get-together. Fun! climate the big question — what shall ns wear? — is quickly followed by two more: how much weight do I have to lose before then? and also how on earth will I perform it?

Relax. You deserve to drop a dress dimension (anywhere indigenous 10 to 15 pounds, or about an customs or 2 from your bust and also hips) and be special-occasion slim in only six weeks. Our basic exercise and eating plan will show you how. The secret? A mix of and strength training.

The program, devised through Chicago-based an individual trainer C.C. Cunningham and L.A.-based trainer Keli Roberts, personalizes her workout come zero in on problem spots. You"ll devise your own weekly fitness plan, recording your schedule ~ above the Six-Week Slim-Down Calendar. Committing the daily plan to paper helps you find time for each workout, and keeps friend motivated. In six brief weeks you could be wearing a smaller size — so get ready to display off.


Cardio Workouts

Cardiovascular practice is crucial to ours program, because it will certainly blast the fat off your midsection. The much more you move, the much faster the pounds will come off. Yet don"t anxiety if friend can"t discover time come do all of the day"s practice in a single session. Simply sneak in at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted practice whenever girlfriend can.

The Plan: Choose any type of of the adhering to six activities, and do 4 to 6 times every week. You can mix and also match any kind of combo the exercises, or also do 2 workouts in a day, as lengthy as you"ve perfect a total of four to six workouts in seven days.

Listed with each exercise is the size of time you need to devote come the task for the first two weeks. In main three, start adding 10 additional minutes come the term of every workout. Include 10 an ext minutes every week, till you"re doing around 60 minute by mainly six. Usage the abbreviation listed after every workout to plan your Six-Week Slim-Down Calendar.

Walking (W) all over is well — the neighborhood mall, the parking lot at work. Simply move continuously, using short steps in ~ a quick pace (imagine you"re late because that an appointment). Swing your arms, and also you"ll tone your abs and also shoulders. Main one and two: 30 minutes

Stair climbing (SC) find one or more long flights the stairs (from your basement to her attic; in ~ a college stadium) and walk up and also down as quickly as girlfriend can. Mainly one and two: 20 minutes

Swimming (S) do you have a pool, or accessibility to one? Great. Just swim from end to end, using whatever stroke you choose. Mainly one and also two: 20 minute

Skipping Rope (SR) you can uncover an adult-size run rope at many discount stores. Start slowly. If you"re struggling, set a timer for five minutes, and also use that together your goal. Or shot intervals: Jump because that one minute, then rest, shaking arms and also legs, because that 30 seconds. Mainly one and two: 15 come 20 minutes

Bicycling (B) Cycling, ~ above the road or a stationary bike, is a good way to occupational the lower body. Summon her inner Lance Armstrong and also push the pedals at a quick pace (think right, left, right, left together you move your feet). Weeks one and two: 30 minutes

Video training (V) exercise videos have come a long means since the jane Fonda era. Today"s videos have actually workouts based on everything from Broadway choreography to navy SEAL training. Hit the local video clip store or library come preview prior to you purchase, and also get one that has at least 30 minute of cardio. Weeks one and also two: 30 minutes

Get our easy-to-follow toughness training routine!


Eat, Drink, and also Be Wary

You don"t have to starve for six weeks. Just make an initiative to sidestep typical diet saboteurs, which might be costing you 500 calorie a day. Here"s what to skip.

Alcohol: the adds north calories and also stimulates your appetite.

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Baked goods such together cookies, doughnuts, cakes, muffins. In packaged or restaurant portions, these room usually huge.

Salty snack foods: Potato chips, pork rinds, and also cheese curls market zero nutrients.

Premium ice cream cream: A summertime favorite — except one serving can have around a 3rd of your everyday fat.

Juices, smoothies: many bottled fruit and mixed-fruit juices space little more than sugary water — through 200 calorie plus. Smoothies can conveniently have twin that.

Full-fat dairy product products: Drink a glass of entirety milk, and you"re swallowing a hamburger"s precious of fat. Switch to skim, low-fat, or low-fat soy varieties.

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