FORTNITE developer Epic games hides an enig clues in one-of-a-kind loading display screens that space unlocked by bromheads.tvmpleting every weekly challenges.

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Fortnite week 8 loading screen (Image: epic GAMES)

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Fortnitefans can unlock a special surprise loading display by bromheads.tvmpleting all Season 7, mainly 8 challenges.

And hidden within this loading display screen is a battle Star or banner, i m sorry rewards players with new Battle pass items.

Epic games releases seven battle Royale challenges each week. 3 of the weekly obstacles are obtainable for totally free and the other four difficulties are exclude, to fight Pass users.

The obstacles are additionally separated into hard and also regular tiers that difficulty.

The hard an obstacle Fortnite difficulties net football player ten fight Stars, when the continuous tasks reward fans with five fight Stars.

Earning battle Stars level up your battle Pass, i beg your pardon is exactly how you unlock all of the rewards top top offer.

You can even earn second Battle Star or banner by bromheads.tvmpleting all seven challenges and also unlocking a special loading display (above).

The clue for this week"s surprise banner have the right to be found at the bottom of the image, beneath the ice King"s feet. We"ve circled the banner below.


Fortnite week 8 loading screen banner circled (Image: epic GAMES)


Fortnite week 8 covert banner map ar (Image: epos GAMES)

Unlike previous weeks, the banner in reality bromheads.tvntains a collection of to follow because that the extr Battle Star.

Acbromheads.tvrding come the clue, the banner can be uncovered in the center of map ar A8, B8, A9 and also B9.

That"s just south of Frosty Flights, i m sorry we"ve significant with an "X" ~ above the map above.

It"s worth remembering the you"ll should bromheads.tvmplete every one of the challenges to unlock the loading screen and also banner.

The complete list of Season 7, week 8 challenges can be viewed below.

Fortnite mainly 8 totally free Challenges...

•Place a bromheads.tvzy Campfire or launch Pad in different matches (3)

•Build structures (250)

•Search in between a secret hatch, a gigantic rock lady, and also a precarious flatbed (1) (HARD)

Fortnite week 8 battle Pass Challenges...

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•Stage 1: Visit paradise Palms and Salty Springs in a single match (2)

- phase 2: Visit Junk Junction and Loot Lake in a solitary match (2)

- last Stage: Visit Haunted Hills and Wailing Woods in a single match (2)

•Search Chests in Shifty Shafts or Lonely Lodge (7)

•Deal damage while speak in a auto (100) (HARD)

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