Anvarious other week, another loading display screen to decipher in Fortnite, this one being one of the coolest ones I’ve seen to day. We have Calamity and Deadfire shooting dvery own a whole bunch of cube monsters prior to they disappear once this event wraps in a few weeks, yet surprise is an enigma banner that players can gain as soon as they’ve completed all the (rather annoying) challenges for season 6, week 6.

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So, wbelow is the banner this time around? If you zoom in you can view that something is etched on the tree to the left there:

I gained puzzled for a minute because I assumed the banner could be in front of among the twisted trees in the many kind of corrupted sites on the map, then I remember that these etchings display you wright here the banner actually is.

Maybe you can’t make it out, yet this is mirroring us that the banner is concealed by the giant auto monster on the map. You might not have checked out this guy for a while, yet here’s wright here he’s situated on the map, near the race track east of Retail Row:

The vehicle monster has discovered new relevance freshly as a place of among the flaming hoops you have to jump through for a week 5 obstacle, yet it appears he’s also hiding a fight star.

I have actually not beaten all the challenges yet, so I’m not certain whether the banner is between his legs, on his back or in his hand also yet. I’m going to do some investigating and report ago, but those seem choose the most most likely places it would be. It may need some building to gain up tbelow, as I don’t think you’ll have the ability to grab it while cruising through the air on an ATK or Quadcrasher.

I kind of miss out on the days once eexceptionally week provided out a totally free battle star, yet some of these banners have been pretty cool, and also I guess it’s something irreversible while battle stars are even more fleeting. Next off week will be an additional battle star to aid get your tiers up, however seachild 6 has checked out a consistent alternation of fight stars and also banners, which might run all the means via week 10, if beforehand leaks are any indication of what’s to come.

Next week, not just will completing all the week’s obstacles acquire you a fight pass tier, yet if you have actually done the various other six weeks, you will certainly likewise have the ability to unlock the legendary Hunting Party skin for the initially time, so stay tuned for that. But prior to then, we all have to sit approximately and also watch the Cube blow up this weekend, so that will certainly be a pretty fun distraction in the meantime. Happy searching.

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