2 piano solos - add to one AlphaNotes helper version.  Also: shared-hand melody easy printable Christmas piano music because that kids, lead sheets in numerous keys,vocal duets and trio arrangements, in many keys, FREE!  

First, a an extremely pretty performance of this usually vigorous vacation music... The identification on the Youtube video clip said "Coral Polifónica Sagrada Familia (Sa-Fa)":

Here is the new piano solo paper music, which is aimed at late elementary students.  

It is shown in the vital of F, however I think the vital of G is a little bit simpler for students come play:


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The left hand is full of repeating patterns that can aid your piano student catch on to the music sooner:

A complete chord, an interval that a fourth.

Another full chord, one more interval the a fourth.  

Three time it happens, climate there"s a big change in direction.  Spotting patterns always makes finding out easier.

A version that is the same, note-for-note, together the one over in G, but with larger notes and also a couple of "helper" lettered music notes, may aid your reluctant learners:



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You may an alert that there are no chord symbols above the chord progressions, as I often tend to do.  

Still, mine students and also I study each chord, and write it above in pencil.  Thus, G... C/G... A... D/A.  This helps them to see patterns and also analyze.

Now for part beginner Christmas piano music, arranged for first-year piano students:


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I have not placed any chord symbols in the arrangement above.

If you wish to rotate this right into a duet through your student however can"t figure out the chords yourself, cast your eye down the web page to the command sheets, and print out the vital of C.

This energetic holiday tune lends itself very well come harmony; I"m having two brothers and their enlarge sister song this as a trio.  

They space a family that does no celebrate Christmas, but I want them to learn to song harmony together, and also this item is a good choice for the - or because that a team of instrumentalists.


Please scroll down the web page for the web links to the free printable downloads.

The duet pipeline out the base notes, and is almost the same - not rather - as the height 2 lines of the trio.  Some the the duets are collection with bottom present in the base clef:

(See farther under the web page for the duet links)

...and some of the duets are collection entirely in treble staff.

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There space two different key of C arrangements the the duets & trios, so take it a look at the duet below and also compare it with the crucial of D above, which go down into bass clef:

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Two young violinists or various other instrumentalists - even recorder players, will surely find a an essential that suits them!  

Now because that the command sheets through their chord symbols...  

You will notice that ns couldn"t decide i m sorry chords I desired in heat two.  Both the boy chords and also the significant chords have the right to sound satisfying, so I decided to incorporate the optional chords!

The web links to the piano solos:

Download piano solo in the an essential of F

Download piano solo in the crucial of G

Download "helper notes" version of piano solo of we Wish friend a merry Christmas

The link to the young starting person arrangement:

Download beginner Christmas piano music collection at middle C position for shared hands melody