Something is wrong with America.She once organized the Bible as her conscience and also overview.But we've permitted those that organize nothing to be spiritual,Like Sodom of old, to push morals aside.Where are the men that once stood for right?And the woguys that championed their cause?We need to return to the worths we left,Before this country we love is completely lost.We desire America earlier.We desire America ago,From those that have no self-manage,We desire America ago.This nation is choose a runaway train,Headed down the wrong track,It's time for the army of God to arise,And say we want America earlier.

Narrative to be offered (prior to singing Stanza#2):I love America. But I carry out not love what she has actually become.Scripture has shelp, Blessed is a Nation whose God is the Lord,And America has actually foracquired the Godly structure upon which she was constructed... Somepoint is wronOur kids are asked to attfinish public institutions that in many kind of situations resemble battle zones,Without even the the majority of standard right of any soldier... the right to pray to the God of heaven.Many kind of times a wild-eyed, drug-addicted, gun-transferring teenager is allowed to remain in school,While our Supreme Court made a decision to expel God from the classroom over thirty years ago.Something is wrong. Television daily bombards the senses of our nation via the concept that wrong is appropriate,That the abnormal is normal, that the abhorrent is acceptable, and that what God calls an abomination isNothing more than an alternative life-style. And it's had actually an effect. Thirty years ago, the number one televisionProgram in America was "The Andy Griffith Sexactly how." Look what we have actually this particular day. Something is wrong.When our government have the right to pass out contraceptives to kids is institution through out parental consent,And yet the Gideons have the right to no longer pass out the Scriptures on campus... somepoint is wrong.When our leaders deserve to tell your kids and mine that premarital s is albest as long as it's safe... yes...Somepoint is wrong. And I for one am all set for a change. I will certainly say to my federal government, "I'm not raisingDogs at my house; I'm increasing children... created in the photo and likeness of almighty God.And I'm going to teach them the Holy bible. If the Bible states it's best...

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it's ideal.And if the Scriptures says it's wrong... it's wrong."The only hope that America has actually is that Godly guys and also women of characterWill stand also together as one could army andDeclare to the immoral, the impure, the obscene and also the foul,"Your days of infinite access the minds of America are over.The army of God, that has actually been silent for too lengthy, is taking America back!"Stanza#2:We desire America earlier.We want America ago,From those who have no self-control,We want America ago.This country is choose a runaway train,Headed down the wrong track,It's time for the army of God to aincrease,And say we desire America ago.It's time for the army of God to arise,And say we want America back!!