"We gladly feast upon those who'd subdue us." - This is the scariest moment in the movie as it shows just how ruthless Morticia can become if Fester hurts her family...

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When Morticia finds Fester outside of the water tube, she takes him on a little walk through the cemetery. There she shows off the horrors that the family has gone through - executed, torn limb from limb, buried alive.

She then pauses and looks him in the eyes. "Psychopaths. Fiends. Mad dog killers...Roots, Fester. Pioneers. Least we forget..."

She shows off his Vulture discussing how important he is to the family before ending on Gomez's(?)/Her's(?) Parents who were killed by a mob.

Then, very calmy she reads the credo. "We gladly feast upon those who'd subdue us...Not just pretty words. As an Addams, you understand completely don't you?"

This right here is the scariest part of Morticia. She turns to stare him down as she says that line. This is not her trying to jog his memory or share family history. This is a threat. This is a cold hearted, calculating threat to "Fester" that if he dares hurt anyone in her family...she would end him without hesitation.

Gomez is a man-child whom she worships and adores. He is just also cold and ruthless when it comes to his family's safety (we can see that dark nature when Tully cuts his hand and Gomez gets that murderous glint in his eyes) but he is blinded by his naivity and emotions.

Morticia, quiet and calculating, is more aware of everything going around and after seeing how upset Gomez was after the auction, she decided to intervene.

The cemetery scene is a warning. Telling him that their family has a history of lunatics and that their family consists of psychopaths.

Warning one.

Showing him his vulture and talking about how much he means to the family. How any of them would die for Fester...

Warning two...

Then the credo. Her expressiom changes ever so slightly as she stares at him. She is not happy but her voice does not shift, she does not scream or rant. She calmly tells him that Anyone who crosses an Addams...will be taken care of.

"As an Addams...you understand?" She finishes the threat. This is a clan of people who love and protect each other to the last breath...and if he threatens to take anyone away from her....she will reign hellfire down upon him.

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"Rest in peace..."

Morticia's cold brutal honesty during this scene always gives me chills! I would hate to ever see her enraged to the point where she would actually retaliate against somene...