TikTok has deleted a arsenal of videos discovered by the bromheads.tv come be using a "sickening" anti-Semitic song that gained much more than 6.5 million views.

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The tune surfaced ~ above the application on Sunday and also includes the lyrics: "We're walking on a trip to a place dubbed Auschwitz, it's shower time."

The very first video to usage the song confirmed a giant robot scorpion through a swastika attacking and also killing people.

Auschwitz was a Nazi fatality camp in a German-annexed component of Poland where an ext than a million civilization died during world War Two, plenty of of lock in gas chambers after being told they were going to take a communal shower.

Nearly 100 users chose the tune for their own videos. One confirmed a personality from the computer game Roblox that looks prefer Hitler.



The collection of videos attractive the large audience in less than three days before they to be removed.

"It was extremely distressing to watch this sickening TikTok video aimed at children, mirroring a swastika-bearing robot grabbing and also incinerating Jews, as the music poked fun at Jewish men, women and children being killed with poison gas in ~ Auschwitz," stated Stephen Silverman, manager of investigations and enforcement for the Campaign versus Antisemitism.

"TikTok has actually a details obligation to handle this contents fast since it specialises in transferring viral videos to children and young adults as soon as they are many impressionable, and also yet our study has shown that tiktok has come to be one the the fastest vectors for transmission of memes mocking the Holocaust."


A spokeswoman said: "Keeping our users safe is a peak priority because that TikTok, and our neighborhood guidelines make clear what is no acceptable on ours platform.

"We perform not tolerate any kind of content that has hate speech, and the sound in question, in addition to all associated videos, have actually now to be removed. While we will certainly not capture every circumstances of unreasonable content, we room continuously enhancing our technologies and policies come ensure TikTok continues to be a safe location for positive an imaginative expression.'"


Some experts think TikTok requirements to do much more to examine the contents of videos before promoting them to a more comprehensive audience.

Michael Priem, chief executive of modern Impact said: "TikTok is no revealing your algorithms or strategy behind content. However it's widely thought that it's similar to other generally used models that collect data on our content consumption and peers influenced network.

"As details videos gain momentum the algorithm then promotes them more widely throughout the platform. Hence the customers intuitively asking each other to 'help this walk viral'. The troubles rest then on the content filtering."

The user that posted the original video clip that began the meme appears to be a young teenager native the UK. That did not respond to requests because that comment and his account was still live at the moment of writing. He created on his profile that he had acquired 12,000 brand-new followers after posting the video.

A very similar version that the video was uploaded come YouTube in 2015. It was posted top top a small channel and gained 67,000 see in the practically five years it to be live. YouTube removed it after being contacted through the bromheads.tv.

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It is no clear wherein the song originated, but the imagery is indigenous a computer game dubbed Besiege that permits players to develop custom siege weapons.