“Not Your kind of People” is the title track from indigenous Garbage’s fifth album. The tune tells around how the tape members are anything however normal, while also serving as a “call… review More 

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We space not your type of peopleYou seem kind of phonyEverything's a lieWe room not your type of peopleSomething in your make-upDon't see eye come eyeWe are not your kind of peopleDon't want to be like you ever in our livesWe are not your sort of peopleWe find when you start talkingThere's nothing yet white noiseRunning approximately tryin' come fit in and wanting to be lovedIt doesn't take muchFor who to shut friend downWhen you constructed a shell, built an military in your mindYou can't sit still and you don't choose hanging about the crowdThey don't understandYou dropped by together I to be sleepingYou involved see the totality commotionAnd when I woke I began laughingThe joke's top top me for not believing
We are not your kind of peopleSpeak a various languageWe see with your liesWe space not your sort of peopleWon't be actors as demonsCreatures you despiseWe room extraordinary peopleWe are extraordinary peopleWe space extraordinary peopleWe room extraordinary people
Not Your sort of People” is the title track from native Garbage’s fifth album. The tune tells about how the band members are anything but normal, while likewise serving together a “call to arms to other outsiders”.

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The tune featured in The Sims 3: Supernatural expansion pack. Because that the occasion, the vocals to be re-recorded in “simlish”.

The track was had in the official teaser for the 2015 video game Metal equipment Solid 5: Phantom Pain. The same week the album entered the peak ten top top the Japanese iTunes store chart.

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