Each organism has a unique mix of features encoded in molecules ofa. Protein. B. Enzymes.c. Carbohydrates. D. DNA.

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The primary duty of DNA is to a. Make proteins.b. Store and also transmit hereditary information.c. Control chemical procedures within cells.d. Protect against mutations.
All the the adhering to are true about the framework of DNA except A short strands that DNA are had in chromosomes inside the nucleus of a cell. B every DNA nucleotide contains a sugar, a phosphate group, and also a base. C DNA is composed of 2 strands of nucleotides join by hydrogen bonds. D the long strands of nucleotides are twisted into a dual helix.
Molecules that DNA are composed of lengthy chains that A amino acids. B fat acids. C monosaccharides. D nucleotides.
A nucleotide is composed of A a sugar, a protein, and adenine. B a sugar, one amino acid, and also starch. C a sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base. D a starch, a phosphate group, and also a nitrogenous base.
Purines and also pyrimidines are A bases uncovered in amino acids. B molecule that can replace phosphate teams from defective DNA. C surname of specific species of DNA molecules. D bases discovered in nucleotides.
The scientists attributed with creating the framework of DNA room A Avery and also Chargaff. B Hershey and also Chase. C Mendel and Griffith. D Watson and Crick.
X-ray diffraction photographs by Wilkins and also Franklin said that A DNA and also RNA space the very same molecules. B DNA is written of either purines or pyrimidines, but not both. C DNA molecules room arranged together a strictly coiled helix. D DNA and proteins have actually the same simple structure.
Watson and also Crick constructed models that demonstrated that A DNA and RNA have actually the exact same structure. B DNA is made of 2 chains in a dual helix. C guanine develops hydrogen bonds with adenine. D thymine develops hydrogen bonds v cytosine.
Chargaff"s rules, the base-pairing rules, state that in DNA A the lot of adenine equates to the amount of thymine. B the amount of guanine equals the amount of cytosine. C the lot of guanine equates to the lot of thymine. D Both a and also b
The base-pairing rule state that the following are base pairs in DNA: A adenine—thymine; uracil—cytosine. B adenine—thymine; guanine—cytosine. C adenine—guanine; thymine—cytosine. D uracil—thymine; guanine—cytosine.
During DNA replication, a complementary strand the DNA is created each initial DNA strand. Thus, if a section of the initial strand is CCTAGCT, then the brand-new strand will be A TTGCATG. B AAGTATC. C CCTAGCT. D GGATCGA.
The enzymes responsible for including nucleotides come the exposed DNA template bases room A replicases. B DNA polymerases. C helicases. D nucleotidases.
RNA different from DNA in the RNA A is occasionally single-stranded. B contains a different sugar molecule. C consists of the nitrogenous basic uracil. D every one of the above
Each that the adhering to is a kind of RNA except A transport RNA. B messenger RNA. C ribosom RNA. D deliver RNA.
In order because that protein synthesis to occur, mRNA must migrate to the A ribosomes. B lac operon. C RNA polymerase. D heterochromatin.
During transcription, A proteins space synthesized. B DNA is replicated. C RNA is produced. D translate into occurs.
Transcription proceeds when RNA polymerase A attaches come a ribosome. B binds to a promoter top top a strand the DNA. C binds to a strand of RNA. D unwinds the DNA molecule.
Transcription is the procedure by which hereditary information encoded in DNA is moved to a(n) A RNA molecule. B DNA molecule. C uracil molecule. D transposon.
During translation, the amino mountain detaches native the deliver RNA molecule and also attaches to the finish of a cultivation protein chain when A the ribosomal RNA anticodon is paired up v the messenger RNA codon. B the deliver RNA anticodon is paired up with the messenger RNA codon. C a "stop" codon is encountered. D the protein chain sends a signal v the nerve cells to the brain.

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In their experiments, Hershey and also Chase used A DNA labeled v radioactive sulfur. B protein labeled v radioactive phosphorus. C DNA labeled through radioactive phosphorus. D protein labeled with both radioactive sulfur and radioactive phosphorus.
An error in DNA replication can cause A mutations. B cancer. C genetic variation. D every one of the above