In the center of a build and my DH installed the Kohler Forte shower head and everything right into the brand-new tub/shower tonight. (He has done this numerous times before) because that some factor every time we revolve on the tub water the shower head leaks a steady stream the water the end of it. Deserve to anyone phone call me what is walk on? This to be a brand brand-new plumbing fixture and we are puzzled as to why the shower head head won"t avoid spraying water as soon as we rotate the bathtub water top top only. You re welcome HELP!!!

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It sounds prefer what happened to me. The plumber offered Pex everywhere. We didn"t read the small print ~ above the faucet installation manual where it stated not to use pex because that the bath tub spout drop.I had bought Delta faucets. As soon as I turned on the water to to fill the bathrub, a tiny stream the water would trickle from the showerhead. I called Delta. They stated it is "shower rise" caused from utilizing Pex for the tub spout drop. The plumber had to change the pex with copper or brass indigenous the valve come the bath tub spout. It resolved the problem.

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11 year ago

Those things have the right to be fickle.

Sometimes it deserve to be brought about by poor head in between the shower head and also the valve/tub spout. An interpretation some rely on gravity to protect against the water from flow up the vertical pipe and also exiting the end the shower head.

If you an installed the shower head head lower than recommended, or vice-versa, placed the valve/tub spout higher, that could be a problem.

Restrictions in the faucet supply tubing, together spacechallenged wrote, have the right to be factor. If over there is a border in the faucet pipes then the water can back up and exit the shower head head.

Too high water pressure. Many residential pipes runs approximately 40-45psi or so. If on city/town water and your pressure s greater and you don"t have actually a pressure-reducing valve, high supply pressure can reason it as well.

I"ll assume that the plumbing was done correctly and also the plumbing purged so over there is no debris in the system?

Is her diverter ~ above the valve chin or ~ above the bathtub spout?

If you remove the bath tub faucet and just leaving the tub nipple and turn the water on, does water still earlier up the end of the shower head head?

Does water come the end of the shower head head at all volume level or simply high levels?

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Sounds come me choose a couple of things friend both mentioned could be the problem.

1. Us do have actually PEX everywhere.

2. We have a continuous pressure system built on our well.

3. Ns think we placed the shower head a small bit lower for the kids.

Yes the shower head leaks in ~ all settings low and high. The did eliminate the tub faucet and it tho comes out the shower head head.

What carry out you think need to be the first thing we execute to shot to solve this problem. Room mentioned miscellaneous about an altering out the PEX come copper however how do you carry out that now due to the fact that the valve was constructed into the studs and also drywall and the bathtub surround space over both now. It"s therefore frusterating to have something brand new and not have it work-related properly.

I will take into consideration all assist suggestions. Thank you


First point I"d execute is review the installation accuse to check out what is stated there. If they introduce "X" number if vertical inches and also you"re less than that, or if you provided PEX and also they clues "no pex" or you offered pex that has actually a smaller inside diameter than the recommended tubing, then essentially you have actually an surroundings issue. 1/2" pex does have a smaller sized inside diameter 보다 1/2" copper. For moving water volume come a faucet it"s generally not a problem, however when relying on a stated vertical water column, i guess the smaller diameter that the pex can be an issue.

I"d call the manufacturer"s tech support line and also ask them about remediation. No injury no foul, it"s finest to run concepts past them prior to you crack open up walls.

You mounted the shower head reduced for the kids. Let"s say you have actually yours 25" over the valve and the manufacturer states 30". What you could do is have actually the pipe come vertically the end of the valve, and run it up the wall surface several inches higher than the shower head, say to 40", or also all the means to the top plate the the wall, then add a pair of 90"s (to create and inverted "U") and then run it back down come the shower head. That would take care of the vertical problem while permitting you come still have actually a lower shower head.

If your pex come the tub spout is constricting circulation out the the bath tub spout, that might need to be adjusted to a bigger size of PEX or to copper. Something v a bigger inside diameter.

You"re on your very own well therefore it"s likely extreme water pressure isn"t an issue.

What"s ~ above the "back" side of the wall that the valve and plumbing is set up in? often times it"s less complicated to cut through the earlier of the wall surface to access the plumbing, fix the plumbing, then TEST the plumbing, then patch the hole, than it is to access through the shower side of the wall.

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In my situation I take it pics throughout, so us easily established the problem. We were may be to reduced through the back side i m sorry was simply drywall and also the plumber fixed it instead of that brief section that pex v a brass fitting. The difficulty as mongoct says, is the pex is a smaller sized diameter and causes a limit in flow. You could go through copper, brass or galvanized fittings from the valve down to the bathtub spout. The pex that went from the valve up to the showerhead to be fine and also not causing any problem in our case. As mongoct says, do everything the manufacturer recommends. Room you may be to eliminate the bathtub spout and valve and shine a flashlight to watch if over there is pex native the valve to the tub spout? The new pex is commonly blue or red.