after ~ selling countless records and also winning countless awards, what comes following for the world’s many iconic musicians? aristocracy status, that course. Every therefore often, the British empire bestows the respect of knighthood on beloved musician who have actually positively affected society. While there are numerous different species of “knights” within the “Most great Order the the british Empire,” many male musicians are typically made Knights (KT) or Knights that the British empire (KBE). Some females have likewise been offered the honor and also they room made Dames the the British empire (DEB). Non-Brits also are standard to get honorary knighthoods but cannot add the “Sir” or “Dame” title before their names. Many musicians have additionally received these honors which encompass being do a Member that the British realm (MBE) or Officer of the British empire (OBE).

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Here is a list of renowned musicians who have been knighted, and those who have refused the respect altogether.

Annie Lennox to be Presented An stimulate Of The British empire Medal through The Queen


Annie Lennox is likely on her method to ending up being a Dame, together she has already been awarded among the precursor knighthood honors. In 2010, she was offered the honor of receiving an order of the British empire (OBE) medal by Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to Annie’s prolonged work v the tape Eurythmics (“Sweet Dreams,” anyone?), she has actually donated lot of her time to charity occupational in assistance of miscellaneous AIDS foundations. ~ above receiving the medal Annie said, “I’m genuinely honored. As rather of a renegade, the either means I’ve excellent something terribly ideal — or they’ve excellent something dreadful wrong…In any case, every little thing powers-that-be have actually deemed me worthy of such a recognition, I’m acquiring my fake leopard pillbox cap dusted and also ready for a meeting with the Queen.”

The Gibb brother Of The bee Gees Are almost Royalty


In December that 2017, singer Barry Gibb the the punishment Gees to be awarded knighthood by the brothers Empire. Barry, who began the iconic band through his brother Robin and also Maurice, is the last continuing to be brother. Before Robin and also Maurice passed, they were each given a commander of the Most terrific Order through the Queen, and but Barry has lastly attained official knighthood himself. As soon as accepting the respect he said, “I am deeply honored, humbled, and very proud. This is a moment in life to be treasured and also never forgotten. I want to acknowledge just how responsible mine brothers room for this honor. That is as lot theirs as it is mine. The magic, the glow, and the rush will last me the remainder of mine life.”

When Two majesties Collide


Brian May, lead guitarist the Queen, acquired acquainted with the Queen herself after that was given a commander of the Most wonderful Order earlier in 2005 for his musical contributions. Not only has May achieved massive success together a musician, however he is likewise an completed scientist, even holding a Ph.D. In astrophysics. There is additionally an ongoing project to one day approve him the knighthood. Rather are additionally pushing because that a posthumous knighthood because that his bandmate, the late and great Freddie Mercury. Together of now, might will have to take the honor of being called “Sir.”

That’s teacher Eric Clapton come You


Guitar legend Eric Clapton was first honored v the Officer of the British realm (OBE) course in 1994. In 2004, he accomplished knighthood and was advocated to the commander of the Most great Order the the British empire (CBE). In enhancement to his enormous contributions come music, Clapton is just one of the many philanthropic performers the end there. ~ battling addiction himself, he help others on their journey come sobriety. He also runs his own deluxe rehab center in Antigua. As soon as Clapton to be awarded the CBE class he reflected on his life’s trip saying, “I had actually a rebellious streak in me. Together a child I would certainly not have actually been able to accept this. Ns was really immature around the method I looked in ~ that. I was versus the establishment. Now I have grown up, ns really think it is crucial thing to be able to set an instance of part kind.”

Robert Plant was Knighted In 2009


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was bestowed the respect of the commander of the Most terrific Order of the British empire (CBE) course in 2009. He was provided the award in ~ Buckingham palace by Prince Charles himself. There was a standing joke that now Plant outranks his friend and also former bandmate guitarist, Jimmy Page, who is a member of the stimulate of the brothers Empire. Plant said, “If we deserve to remember each other’s phone call number currently in life it’s a miracle. We’re still an excellent friends, we both enjoy a fairly dark feeling of humor that comes, ns think, from being on the wrong next of the tracks for every those wild years.”

Rod Stewart

In October of 2016, stick Stewart to be knighted in ~ Buckingham Palace. He had actually previously been offered the honor of the receiving the CBE in 2007. When receiving the CBE, he said, “It’s a marvelous occasion. We’re the only country in the world to respect the common man.” Although in ~ the ceremony ago in 2007 he confirmed off an outfit donning a skull and also crossbones that dressed in a much more dapper getup in 2016. Prince william is the one who did the respect of knighting him and also Rod and also wife coin Lancaster were additionally later maybe to have actually a meeting v the Queen.

The Who’s roger Daltrey, CBE

The that frontman was honored once he came to be a CBE (Commandant of the british Empire) earlier in 2004. Roger was bestowed the honor for his undeniable contributions to music through his band and his occupational with charity. That has worked tirelessly in the kingdom of childhood cancer and also is well-known to have actually helped raise much more than £2 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust. As soon as he was offered the honor, roger said, “I’m so an extremely pleased. It’s really good to be honoured by mine country. Ns feel undeserving of such an honour.” the also added that that believes the Queen to be both one “amazing” and also “exceptional woman”.

Sting, CBE

In 2003, singer and also musician Sting was provided the respect of being called a CBE. Once he was given the respect he accepted saying, “I’m surprised and also flattered to receive this honour…If mine mum and also dad were still right here they would certainly be do up.” A couple of years later he to be asked about whether or no he would choose to be totally knighted or not and at period of sixty he said, “Oh, no, I’m no old enough to it is in Sir.” Sting is currently sixty-six years old and we wouldn’t be surprised to watch him honored with knighthood sooner quite than later!

David Bowie garbage The Honor

Many music stars seem to clamor because that the honor of knighthood and yet in ~ the exact same time, there space musicians that have likewise rejected the honor. One together musician is the legend David Bowie. In 2000, that was readily available the respect of ending up being a CBE (Commander the The brother Empire) i beg your pardon he quickly rejected. Obviously, the brothers royal family is fairly fond the him because only three years later, that was readily available a knighthood. Yet he also rejected it and offered the explanation, “I would never have any type of intention of accepting anything prefer that. Ns seriously don’t know what it’s for. It’s no what I spent my life functioning for.”

Guess What Keith Richards Said?

Another anti-establishment rocker who rejected the honor of knighthood is Keith Richards. When Keith’s bandmate Mick Jagger was provided the honor, Keith was not fond that the idea. Keith recalled just how both he and also Mick were arrested. That told Uncut Magazine, “I thought it to be ludicrous to take among those gongs from the establishment, once they walk their best to throw us in jail.” Keith absolutely has the call of bucking the mechanism so it’s no surprise that the rejected being honored by the government. However, his old buddy Mick did end up accepting the honor. We guess even rock stars thrive up!

Paul Weller Gracefully Declined

British musician Paul Weller obtained his begin with new wave mode band The Jam prior to moving on to a more soulful sound through the band The layout Council. He later on embarked top top a solo career in the 1990s and also stuck through his much more soulful sound. In much more recent years he has collaborated v everyone indigenous Amy Winehouse (RIP) to Noel Gallagher of Oasis and also Damon Alborn of Gorillaz. Paul has additionally joined the group of musicians who have rejected an respect of the brother empire yet he did so in a much an ext gracious way. In 2006, the was readily available a CBE. However, the turned it under per his spokesperson that said, “Paul was surprised and also flattered, but it wasn’t really for him.”

John Lennon sent out His Back

John Lennon is arguably one of the most renowned musicians ever both for his solo work and also as gift a member the The Beatles. John was known to use his fame for various activist causes and also was additionally said to it is in a pacifist. That turned down coming to be a Member the the Most fantastic Order the the British empire (MBE) and also actually sent back the honor. After he had actually been sent the MBE, he returned the award v a letter to the Queen. The letter review partially, “Your Majesty, ns am return this in protest against Britain’s authorized in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, versus our assistance of America in Vietnam and versus Cold Turkey slipping down the charts. With Love, john Lennon that Bag.” (Bagism is a motion started by John and Yoko Ono protest stereotyping.)

Bob Geldof

Photoshot/Getty Images

Irishman Bob Geldof an initial ascended to fame together a musician with his tape The Boomtown Rats. However, he later ended up being even much better known for his work work and bringing notoriety to situations in the people that weren’t made much attention. Because that instance, the co-wrote the track “Do They recognize It’s Christmas?” after ~ viewing the ongoing famine in Ethiopia from 1983-85 i beg your pardon was among the best-selling singles ever. The remains one of the best-selling singles of all time. He was additionally one of the co-organizers of the concert “Live Aid”. Due to the fact that Bob is one Irishman, that isn’t dubbed a “Sir” however he still accomplished knighthood because that his contributions and his official title is Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof, items of the stimulate of the brother Empire.

Shirley Bassey, link Singer

Shirley Bassey is a Welsh singer well-known for she dramatic vocals because that the Bond design template songs “Goldfinger”, “Diamonds space Forever” and “Moonraker”. It is likewise notable that Shirley is a woman, and also it certainly seems as though more men than females are provided these honors. However, women are not offered the title of “knight” however are described as “Dames”. In 1999, Shirley was bestowed the honor of becoming a Dame commander of the British bespeak for she contributions to music. Shirley is now eighty-one years old yet she still provides public appearances and also even performs indigenous time to time.

Tom Jones was Emotional

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer well-known for songs favor “What’s brand-new Pussycat,” “She’s a Lady,” and “It’s not Unusual,” which space all standards at this point. In 2006, Tom was officially knighted after having previously obtained the honor of the OBE in 1999. When first bestowed the honor, Tom was quite emotional in ~ the meaning behind the award. That said, “When you an initial come into present business and also get a struggle record, it is the start of something. Together time walk by it simply gets better. This is the ideal thing I have actually had. It’s a wonderful feeling, a heady feeling.”

Sir valve Morrison

North Irishman, van Morrison, has had range of hits over his lifetime which would absolutely be considered standards now consisting of songs like “Brown Eyed Girl” and also “Into the Mystic.” In 2016, Prince Charles was on hand to approve the legend musician his knighthood. Teacher Van Morrison said the Prince of Wales he had no plans because that retirement in spite of having been functioning for fifty-three year in the music business. Once asked to discuss his new title of “Sir”, valve Morrison said, ”It’s amazing, it’s very exhilarating, the entirety thing. For 53 year I’ve been in the business – that’s not negative for a blue-eyed spirit singer from eastern Belfast.”

Of course Bono Was given The Honor

Irishman Bono, command singer of U2, unfortunately, cannot call himself “Sir” because of his nationality. However, he deserve to still case to be a Knight. In spite of U2’s long and storied musical career, apparently, Bono’s knighthood had nothing to carry out with music. Rather, Bono has actually a old devotion come making assorted charitable contributions to Africa and also his work to eradicate the AIDS pandemic. After ~ the ceremony, Bono joked through reporters saying, “You have actually permission to contact me anything you desire — other than sir, all right? mr of lords, her demigodness, that’ll do.” Bono is additionally no stranger come receiving such awards and also he had previously to be awarded the Legion d’Honneur native France and also the stimulate of Liberty native Portugal.

Did Mick Jagger deserve It?

Unlike his bandmate Keith Richards, command singer the the roll Stones, Mick Jagger to be seemingly excited to accept the respect of knighthood. Mick to be knighted in 2003 and also Keith publicly admonished him, speak the same government had previously tried to have them arrested once they were young. Mick comment to his old girlfriend saying, “I don’t really think the facility as we knew it exists anymore,” prior to likening Richards to “a bawling child, who hasn’t obtained an ice cream cream.” Apparently, over there was an additional controversy as part felt the Mick hadn’t “done enough” to obtain such one honor. However, at the end of the work Mick to be knighted and also he is now Sir Mick Jagger.

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Elton John, girlfriend Of The Family

Elton John has long had actually a close relationship with the British royal family, particularly with the so late Princess Diana who was among his closest friends. ~ Princess Diana’s untimely death, Elton re-worked his track “Candle In The Wind” for she after it had originally been composed in tribute come Marilyn Monroe. Elton was knighted not lengthy after his tribute in 1998. Elton got the respect both for his musical contributions and also his charity work, together he has raised a lot of awareness and also money because that AIDS charities. Elton’s official title is sir Elton Hercules John.

We All call Him sir Paul McCartney

Despite Paul’s former bandmate and songwriting partner John Lennon acquisition a stand against receiving together honors, Paul McCartney had a different take once it pertained to his very own knighthood. All four of the Beatles were actually awarded MBEs back in 1965. There were also rumors the the young Beatles smoked marijuana in Buckingham Palace prior to meeting with the Queen. However, after John got the honor he later on returned it as a stand against a battle that the British government was connected in. Paul to be bestowed the honor of the knighthood in 1997.