INSTRUCTIONS: travellers living & travel from United says may have two options to get a visa come Vietnam:

- apply for her visa in human or by mail at the Vietnamese Embassy in United states (see the above address);


- apply online in ~ because that a Vietnam visa ~ above arrival. Through this option, you will need to achieve your visa approval letter before you go to pick up the full visa stamp at Vietnam worldwide airports as soon as you arrive. The process will take it 2-3 functioning days for normal handling or 4-8 hours for immediate cases.

For additional information, you re welcome see needs for Vietnam Visa application.

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Other Vietname Embassy

Embassy that Vietnam in Netherlands

Javastraat 1, 2585 AA Den Haag, Netherlands

Embassy of Vietnam in Wellington, NZ

Grand Plimmer Tower Level 21/2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington, Lambton 6011, new Zealand

Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore

10 Leedon Park Singapore 267887, Singapore

Embassy the Vietnam in Bangkok, Thailand

83/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Embassy that Vietnam in United says of America

1233 20th St NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036, USA

Embassy of Vietnam in united Kingdom

Victoria roadway 12-14, London W8-5rd, UK

Embassy that Vietnam in Canada

470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, ~ above K1N 6M8, Canada

Embassy of Vietnam in Canberra, Australia

M425+CM Canberra, Australian capital Territory, Australia

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(+84) (088) 6386 835 8.00 AM-21.00 PM, GMT +7


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Disclaimers: is a non-government website (managed by a private agency) offering visa approval letter organization for travelers come Vietnam for a fee and whilst every effort is made come ensure the details is correct and also up come date, there might be changes which we room not mindful of.

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