Visit Fremont Street experience in downtown ras Vegas come celebrate job Day Weekend 2017 far from the madness of the Strip. There will certainly be number of exciting occasions and activities to select from that you won’t discover anywhere else. Capture a complimentary concert or obtain your adrenaline settle on the SlotZilla zipline.

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Whatever method you choose to celebrate, you’ll acquire a one-of-a-kind experience here at the Fremont Street Experience.

Live Music 


Free Concert: collective Soul 

Friday, Sep. 1, 2017 – 9:00 p.m.

Our free concert collection continues through the alternate rock band, cumulative Soul. The band will execute their hottest singles including “Shine” and also “The human being I Know” top top the phase at the intersection of The D las Vegas, 4 Queens and also Fremont casino. Click here for more information.

First Friday

Friday, Sep. 1, 2017 – 5:00 p.m.

Downtown’s monthly first Friday festival just so wake up to loss on labor Day Weekend. While no affiliated through Fremont Street Experience, downtown visitors frequently visit both venues on first Friday. The occasion has been a favourite of locals and also tourists because that a lively block party atmosphere that consists of everything from arts showcases and music to food and other exciting entertainment. Learn much more about the official an initial Friday.

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Free Concert: far better Than Ezra

Monday, Sep 3, 2017 – 9:00 p.m.

On labor Day, another installment that our cost-free Downtown Rocks concert collection happens at the Fremont Street Experience. Originally formed in 1988, the Louisiana different rock band, much better Than Ezra, will execute on the main Street stage outside the gold Gate casino. The band accomplished fame throughout the ’90s, for this reason the concert is certain to attract a nostalgic crowd looking for a good time.

So lot music, so much free.

Golden Nugget: Tommy James and also the Shondells 

Friday, Sep 1, 2017 – 8:00 p.m.

The golden Nugget proceeds their 52 Fridays concert series with Tommy James and also the Shondells acquisition the stage. The band, originally developed in 1960, was able to gain widespread success with their chart-topping hits. They continue to execute the standard rock songs that sky rocketed them come fame. This is no a free show, no one is it hosted by Fremont Street Experience. Tickets space required. Be sure to acquisition your tickets to the show before they market out.

Catch a Show

Marriage can Be killing at The D

This two-hour present at The D ras Vegas keeps the audience guessing as they gain a three-course enjoy the meal while embarking on detective job-related to figure out a killing case. The mystery show is open to all ages, and it’s your duty to resolve the mystery. The present has earned number of awards and was many recently named “Best show in Nevada in 2017” through Nevada Magazine. Get tickets.

Spirit the the King: Steve Connolly at four Queens

At the 4 Queens, record one that the ideal Elvis tribute artist in las Vegas. Steve Connolly proceeds to impress audiences through his uncanny resemblance and also spot-on impersonation. Come and enjoy the King of rock n’ Roll’s music and energy at the “Spirit the the King.” Get tickets.

Hypnosis Unleashed in ~ Binion’s

Come and also check out one of the finest hypnosis shows in ras Vegas. The show is located in Binion’s, wherein award-winning hypnotist Kevin Lepine offers the audience a combination of awe and also comedic thrill. The show is 18 and older, and also is certain to turn skeptics into believers. Get tickets.

Get her Thrills

Ride the SlotZilla Zip line

The world’s biggest slot an equipment is not only a sight to take it in, but is likewise a thrill ride friend won’t discover anywhere else in the world. The zip line offers two level to take turn off from, through the highest level much more than 10 story tall. Flyers zoom end Fremont Street Experience and see downtown ras Vegas like never ever before. Get your ticket here.

Unleash your inner supervisor hero on the SlotZilla zipline.

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The Fremont Street endure will be the hottest destination for job Day Weekend 2017. In downtown ras Vegas, girlfriend will be able to escape the craziness that the Strip and experience a side of ras Vegas the you won’t be able to forget. There will certainly be a selection of shows, attractions, and free concerts in addition to one that the best block next in the whole city. Over there is still plenty an ext to do at the Fremont Street Experience, especially on labor Day Weekend. Click right here for much more activities.