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ArtistVarious Artists movie Soundtracks 2000-04; Hollywood Records
December 2004
3.85 / 5.00.5 native 320 ratings
#117 for 2004, #799 overall

jshopa Mar 03 2012 4.50 stars

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First, a few words in defense that The Life Aquatic through Steve Zissou. Initially, ns was disappointed when I experienced the movie in theatre. It short the emotionally resonance the Wes Anderson's 2 prior movies had, yet something about it attracted me back again and also again. I would now think about it my favourite of Anderson's films (although I would certainly still probably argue because that either of the 2 previous ones as his ideal work), due to the fact that it has actually so lot going top top in it, so countless layers of reference and type that every rewatch is strangely rewarding. As a movie obsessive, its film-about-film aesthetic has a lot of of interesting threads come unravel, and also it starts right right here at the surface with the soundtrack in Seu Jorge's stripped-down, acoustic, Portuguese renditions the David Bowie classics.While mark Mothersbaugh together usual provides his whimsical music score come the movie, Seu Jorge is an same partner and also the much more notable early out to showing up in the movie play the song in the background of scenes (and without doubt this gift a film about film, there room a handful of scenes devoted to conversation of scoring the film and an option of music for mood). However, they additionally share room with a variety of pieces through Sven Libaek, a movie composer that the sixties and seventies whose work-related seems to it is in the mystery origin the Mothersbaugh's own work-related (we additionally get a taste that his job-related with Devo together a more comparison point). Jorge's work, however, steals the spotlight and rightly so. His renditions room beautifully basic and expressive, and also they space the single living aspect at the centre of what is greatly a instance of arrested advancement based roughly 1971-1973, suitable for the faintly damaged, hungover pall the uncertainty and also disconnection that hangs end the film's proceedings apart from the solitary ragged feet torn with the center by "Search and Destroy" courtesy The Stooges.The overall an outcome is the the soundtrack evokes a consistent sense the deja vu v a persistent low level wistfulness, a calculation cumulative impact that contrasts through the usual straight emotional significant keys of the median soundtrack.