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ArtistVarious Artists Film Soundtracks 2000-04; Hollylumber Records
December 2004
3.85 / 5.00.5 from 320 ratings
#117 for 2004, #799 overall

jshopa Mar 03 2012 4.50 stars

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First, a couple of words in defense of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. At first, I was disappointed once I observed the film in theatre. It lacked the emotional resonance that Wes Anderson's two prior films had, however somepoint around it drew me earlier again and also again. I would certainly currently consider it my favourite of Anderson's films (although I would certainly still more than likely argue for either of the two previous ones as his ideal work), because it has actually so much going on in it, so many layers of reference and also create that eexceptionally rewatch is strangely rewarding. As a film obsessive, its film-about-film aesthetic has actually many amazing threads to unravel, and it starts ideal below at the surchallenge via the soundtrack in Seu Jorge's stripped-down, acoustic, Portuguese renditions of David Bowie classics.While Mark Mothersbaugh as usual gives his whimsical musical score to the movie, Seu Jorge is an equal companion and the even more notable due to showing up in the movie playing the songs in the background of scenes (and also indeed this being a film around film, there are a handful of scenes devoted to discussion of scoring the film and also option of music for mood). However, they likewise share space with a number of pieces by Sven Libaek, a film composer of the sixties and seventies whose job-related appears to be the key beginning of Mothersbaugh's own occupational (we likewise gain a taste of his work-related via Devo as a additionally comparikid point). Jorge's occupational, yet, steals the spotlight and rightly so. His renditions are beautifully basic and also expressive, and they are the single living facet at the centre of what is greatly a instance of arrested breakthrough based about 1971-1973, appropriate for the faintly damaged, hungover pevery one of uncertainty and disconnection that hangs over the film's proceedings apart from the single ragged hole torn through the middle by "Search and Destroy" courtesy The Stooges.The overall result is that the soundtrack evokes a continuous sense of deja vu through a persistent low level wistfulness, a calculated cumulative result that contrasts with the usual direct emotional major keys of the average soundtrack.