This difficulty is incomplete. Luckily, I discovered a similar problem from another website presented in the attached picture. The data provided can it is in made come use v the Clausius-Clapeyron equation:ln(P₂/P₁) = (-ΔHvap/R)(1/T₂ - 1/T₁)whereP₁ = 14 Torr * 101325 Pa/760 torr = 1866.51 PaT₁ = 345 KP₂ = 567 Torr * 101325 Pa/760 torr = 75593.78 PaT₂ = 441 Kln(75593.78 Pa/1866.51 Pa) = (-ΔHvap/8.314 J/mol·K)(1/441 K - 1/345 K)Solving for ΔHvap,ΔHvap = 48769.82 Pa/mol or 48.77 kPa/mol

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Jammed in ~ a difficultquestion?Don"t worry. We"ve gained your back. Every human being we fulfill knows something we don"t.ask us perhaps we know.