I created a new repo, copy it, added files to the directory, included them with include -A, cursed changes, and when I shot to push using git push grasp I get:

hint: Updates to be rejected due to the fact that the remote includes work the you carry out not have locally. This is usually led to by an additional repository advertise to the very same ref. You may want to very first merge the remote alters (e.g.,hint: "git pull") before pushing again.

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This doesn"t it seems to be ~ to do sense due to the fact that it"s a brand-new repo and contains only a readme file.



This wake up if girlfriend initialized a new github repo v README and/or license file

git remote include origin //pull those changesgit traction origin master // or optionally, "git pull origin master --allow-unrelated-histories" if you have actually initialized repo in github and additionally committed locally//now, press your occupational to your new repogit push origin masterNow friend will have the ability to push your repository come github. Basically, you need to merge those new initialized documents with her work. Git traction fetches and also merges because that you. Friend can likewise fetch and also merge if that suits you.


The error probably comes because of the various structure the the code that you space committing and also that current on GitHub. It creates problems which have the right to be solved by

git pullMerge conflicts resolving:

git pushIf you confirm that your brand-new code is all fine you can use:

git push -f beginning masterWhere -f stands for "force commit".



You may refer to: just how to address "refusing to unify unrelated histories" error:

$ git traction --allow-unrelated-histories$ git push -f origin understand
The offered answers didn"t occupational for me.

I had an empty repo on GitHub with only the LICENSE paper and a single commit locally. What operated was:

$ git fetch$ git merge --allow-unrelated-historiesMerge do by the "recursive" strategy. Patent | 21 +++++++++++++++++++++ 1 document changed, 21 insertions(+) produce mode 100644 LICENSEAlso before merge you might want to:

$ git branch --set-upstream-to origin/masterBranch "master" set up to monitor remote branch "master" from "origin".
I adhered to these steps:

Pull the master:

git pull beginning masterThis will sync your regional repo with the Github repo. Include your new paper and then:

git include .Commit the changes:

git walk -m "adding new record Xyz"Finally, push the beginning master:

git push beginning masterRefresh her Github repo, girlfriend will check out the newly included files.

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If you space using intuitive S2019, develop a brand-new local branch as shown in following, and also then push the changes to the repo.


The problem is due to the fact that the regional is no up-to-date through the understand branch that is why us are an alleged to traction the code before pushing it to the git

git add .git walk -m "Comments to be added"git pull origin mastergit press origin grasp
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