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If friend still need an ext help, see the call information for technological support, Postal keep orders, and more.


Email Us

Use our online kind to answer a few questions around your issue. Please carry out as much detail as friend can.

Find a post Office

Find the nearest place by city and state or ZIP Code™. Get call information, hours, and more.

Check Postal Holidays

Postal facilities are closed on commonwealth holidays. Check out a perform of all upcoming holidays and events.

General Information

For general information, how-to steps, or to learn more about products and also services, check our FAQs. The most typical questions have to do through tracking packages or delayed delivery.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Email customer Service

Customer treatment Center

Connect v our customer business representatives to help resolve your issue and get ago on track.

Hours the OperationMonday – Friday 8 am – 8:30 afternoon ETSaturday 8 am – 6 pm ET

Federal Relay services – TTY accessibility for deaf & difficult of HearingIndividuals who room deaf, difficult of hearing, deaf-blind, or have speech impairments can interact with by making use of the federal Relay’s TTY services. Connect with the federal Relay making use of the following toll-free numbers:

1-800-877-8339 – TTY/ASCII because that persons through hearing and speech impairments1-800-845-6136 – for persons through hearing and also speech impairments who wish to speak just in Spanish 1-866-377-8642 – because that hearing persons with speech impairments

For much more details and also a complete list the TTY services, go to federal Relay TTY.

Technical Support

The Technical assistance team can help when a website application or type doesn"t occupational properly. If you have trouble using among the following, please provide us a call.

Click-N-Ship®File a ClaimPO BoxesThe Postal Store® accounts


Hours that OperationMonday – Friday 8 to be – 8:30 pm ETSaturday 8 to be – 6 pm ET

Informed distribution SupportIf friend need help with your Informed shipment service, please email Informed delivery User Support.

Domestic & worldwide Tracking

To watch the many recent status of her packages, get in your tracking number in any search box on The tracking information easily accessible to customer company representatives is the same information you will see on Tracking®. If you’d choose to speak with a representative about another worry with your package, please contact us.


Hours of OperationMonday – Friday 8 to be – 8:30 pm ETSaturday 8 to be – 6 pm ET

Informed shipment Answers

Check ours Informed distribution FAQs if you have actually questions about the feature, would like to learn exactly how to sign up, or need technical assistance. If girlfriend need more help, please send us an email.

Frequently asked Questions

Email Informed distribution Support

Stamps & totally free Shipping Supplies

To get assist with stamps or various other merchandise, please view the complying with resources:

Stamps & Postal store Orders

1-844-737-7826Call v questions around stamps or orders placed online through The Postal Store®.

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Hours the OperationMonday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm ETSaturday 8 am – 6 afternoon ETClosed Sundays and also Postal Holidays

Free Shipping Supplies

1-800-610-8734Call come order free shipping boxes, envelopes, and postal forms, or to report a problem with her shipping it is provided order.

Hours the OperationMonday – Friday 7 to be – 11 afternoon ETSaturday 7 am – 6 afternoon ET

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