The words “Scum fuck Flower Boy” appear prominently on among the album covers. The main album title, however, is Flower Boy, a representative for Tyler shown to Pitchfork. The album has constantly been listed on digital streaming communication under the name. His representative clarified the Scum fuck Flower young is one “unofficial title.”. Tyler, the Creator is ago and has officially announced his following album.Dubbed Scum crap Flower Boy, the job is slated to it is in 14 tracks long without potential functions being physically provided in. Kongregate Download ZIP UPLOADED: Tyler, The Creator – Scum posesthe Flower young Album, article your thoughts on the conversation board or read.

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"I Ain"t gained Time!" Released: July 19, 2017. "See you Again"Released: august 29, 2017Flower boy (alternatively titled Scum posesthe Flower Boy) is the 4th studio album through American rapper. The album was released on July 21, 2017,. Created entirely by Tyler, the album features guest vocals native a variety of artists; including, and.Flower young was supported by four: " / ", "Boredom", "I Ain"t got Time!" and also "See you Again". The album received widespread acclaim indigenous critics, and debuted at number 2 on the US.

It was named amongst the finest albums of 2017 by multiple publications and was nominated because that at the. Contents.Background and also recording through Flower Boy, Tyler determined to take a an ext personal method compared to his vault album, stating "For Cherry Bomb I deliberately was like, i don"t want to get an individual at all. Like, I"m just going to do songs.


And in this one i was prefer alright, permit me compose down every feeling." Tyler felt the the general an answer to Cherry Bomb to be poor and also he wanted to supply an album that thrived it well. The official title was initially thought to it is in Scum posesthe Flower Boy yet was later evidenced simply together Flower boy shortly before release. Tyler detailed the works of, and also as music inspirations because that the album.Recording started in so late 2015. Like previous releases, the album was produced by Tyler himself.

He decided to save his lab verses short and to-the-point to give guest artists and also instrumentation an ext of a focal length point. Numerous songs top top the album featured etc playing by Austin Feinstein. The beat provided on the tune "I Ain"t got Time!" Was at first made for during recording sessions for West"s saturday studio album. After West declined it, the win was sent to rapper who, ~ a month, likewise turned it down. "Glitter" was written for; Tyler kept it after Bieber did not return any of his calls. "See girlfriend Again" was composed for former member yet was later on kept after ~ Malik rubbish the track twice.

" to be rejected through rapper. Music and lyrics Correlating with the album"s title, Tyler has detailed as a recurring theme of the album. Andy Kellman of describes the in its entirety lyrical content of the album together Tyler"s "least vulgar release" compared to the shock value lyrics in his vault projects. The album"s opening track, "Foreword", is explained by Scott Glaysher of as an open up letter to the fans and the nation, citing the currently "How many raps can I write "til I get me a chain?/How numerous chains deserve to I undertake "til I"m taken into consideration a slave?/How plenty of slaves deserve to it be till arise?/How plenty of riots can it it is in "til lock Black lives matter?" "Where This Flower Blooms" refers earlier to his times prior to fame and also money in the very first line. Tyler states "Let"s take it ago to castle days/Counting lamb on Sadie Hannah"s floor" which refers to the time before and also during the release of his debut mixtape once he stayed in his grandmother"s house.

Is a brief track which has an unidentified male stating that he wants to hear the song about him, hinting that complying with song, "See you Again", is around Tyler"s male lover. "See you Again" is described as a "positively kaleidoscopic love song" around an unidentified person.Jesse Fairfax of describes " as a "raucous jam the sounds favor a score to a fear film", if Zachary Hoskins of contrasted the song to "s track "Freestyle 4" from. "Pothole" is defined as a "low-profile standout" that attributes vehicular metaphors; are supplied as a an allegory for gift stuck in life. Calum Slingerland of describes "Garden Shed" special "psychedelic guitar licks and synths that construct up a ballad featuring vocals, together liberation is encouraged before noisy feedback makes way for a confessional verse". Slingerland proclaimed the track is "one that Tyler"s most an effective recorded moments to date", and additionally picked out the references to sexuality. Zachary Hoskins of explains "Garden Shed" as a "woozy trapped-in-the-closet metaphor".

Kevin Lozano of speak on the song "Boredom", stating "Tyler"s range is kaleidoscopic, and the neo-soul sound he began to shape on wolf is in complete flower" and also "large components of the tune is an exercise for him to flex his manufacturing skills".Calum Slingerland of identify the referral to ~ above "I Ain"t obtained Time!" Tyler raps "Passenger a white boy, look choose River Phoenix". This may also be a referral to the music video clip of "Who dat Boy" in which Tyler is in a car with a flow Phoenix lookalike sit in the passenger seat. "I Ain"t acquired Time!"

Contains lines that were considered comparable to "s "outlandish statements" transparent his career. Comments on the sampling ~ above "I Ain"t gained Time!" , saying that it turns an "accordion into a fun-house mirror, warped and disorienting". The tune "I Ain"t gained Time!" has the lyrics "I"ve to be kissing white boys due to the fact that 2004".

The tune "Garden Shed" additionally contains subtle referrals to sexuality through the lyrics "That was genuine love ns was in/Ain"t no factor to pretend" and also "All mine friends was lost/They couldn"t check out the signs/I didn"t want to talk/I phone call "em my location and also they ain"t desire to walk". This led many to speculate the Tyler was "coming out of the closet" as either. This was specifically interesting because his text in ahead albums were taken into consideration homophobic and led to him gift banned native entering the united kingdom for three to five years in 2015. Tyler had actually previously hinted in the direction of his sexuality condition a couple of years prior, as soon as tweeting "I TRIED to COME the end THE cursed CLOSET LIKE four DAYS earlier AND nobody CARED HAHAHHAHAHA".Vanessa Okoth-Obbo the Pitchfork defined " together "looking at the overarching theme of loneliness, on two contrasting, however equally attractive beats" and stated that the tune "represents a further maturation in sound, and apparently his difficulties too".

"November" is a nostalgic track in which Tyler reminisces around times gone. Ana Clara Ribeiro of explained the track as "Tyler"s desire to be taken earlier to November" and "drives the listener come think the their personal November memory too". Hiba Argane the Affinity magazine analyzed the track "Glitter", stating that it "possesses a repetitive quality, however you can practically feel a crescendo in the content". The last track, "Enjoy best Now, Today", is an instrumental that attributes backing vocals from. Promo The album title, tracklist and also release date was announced through Tyler, the Creator ~ above July 6, 2017 via social media.

Two covers were unveiled top top announcement, the main cover design by -born artist and also the alternate cover design by Tyler himself. The album leaked 11 days before the announced release date of July 21.

Singles after ~ a one-week countdown top top Twitter and, Tyler, the Creator exit a music video, titled ", to his main YouTube channel ~ above June 29, 2017. The album"s, "Who dat Boy" / ", containing 2 songs: "Who file Boy" and also "911 / " was released together a twin single on June 30, 2017. The single peaked at number 87 on the US. The album"s 2nd single, "Boredom", was released ~ above July 11, 2017. The album"s 3rd single, "I Ain"t gained Time!" , to be released ~ above July 19, 2017. The album"s fourth single, "See friend Again", was released on respectable 29, 2017, to and radio.

Critical reception professional ratingsAggregate scoresSourceRating7.9/1084/100Review scoresSourceRatingA−7/104.5/58.5/104/5Flower Boy got widespread acclaim from critics. At, which assigns a rating the end of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album obtained an score the 84, based upon 18 reviews. Andy Kellman of offered a confident review, stating "While many of these songs room rife v anxiety and also isolation, the open-hearted lyricism and also wide-scoped productions, put together by one artist in optimal form, do them extremely engrossing.

Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Kali Uchis, Syd, and Estelle are among 11 supporting actors members, not one of whom is inessential come the whole." Flower young was named "Best new Music", with reviewer Sheldon Pearce calls it "Tyler"s most sincere and also most achieved album, he it s okay to the essence of what he"s to be chiseling at: the angst the a to let go connection, the ache of unrequited love, and also navigating youthful ennui." In his review, Andy Gill of states, " Flower boy presents a how amazing sensitive, thoughtful, even pleasant personality." Jesse Fairfax of gave the album a 4.5 the end of 5, stating "Clocking in at 47 minutes, the album is both Tyler, the Creator"s shortest and also most cohesive album to date and is full of introspective admissions that logically line up through his windy character." Renato Pagnani that said, " Flower boy is the an initial time he"s to be equally together forthcoming in his yes, really music. His flow has tightened up, and also for a man whose voice basically destined him for rap stardom, he"s end up being even far better at stretching his booming baritone right into novel shapes, use a plethora of flows." Scott Glaysher of praised the album saying, "These days, there aren"t many rap albums the can service as a deep digested work-related of art and music for easy listening, however Tyler, The Creator fills both lanes well.

He manages to find the happy tool on Flower Boy and also translates it come his best album yet." Jamie Milton writes that the album is "Backed through a supporting cast of R&B superstars and bright newcomers, it"s a document of long, lazy summers; sitting earlier and staring at the clouds." Lewis Lister of said, "Previously that felt choose as though these 2 sides have been difficult to convey on record; the abrasive would often be at odds v the tranquil, particularly on critical studio album. ~ above Flower Boy, though, Tyler has perfected his marital relationship of the two." Paul Lester that wrote: "If anything, Flower Boy catches Tyler in ~ his least tormented and twisted; that is one album of exquisitely arranged, melodious synth-rap, wistful and also reflective, heavy on the heavenly.

It"s not all dreamy—watch the end for the sometimes profane pothole—but greatly this is the occupational of an evolved artist and mature person." Austin Reed the Pretty much Amazing said, " Flower Boy has elevated Tyler closer come the line.

An unexpected move to it is in sure, but no much less impressive whatsoever." In a combined review, "s Kelly McClure stated: "It"s an ext of the same. It appears to be needing something more.

An extra spark the interest." Accolades Year-end listsPublicationAccoladeRankBillboard "s 50 best Albums that 201729Clash Albums that the Year 20177The ideal Albums that 20176Exclaim! "s optimal 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 20176HipHopDX "s finest Rap Albums of 20175The 17 finest Albums that 201717NME "s Albums that the Year 201719The 10 finest albums that 20177The 100 finest Albums the 20175The 50 best Albums of 20178The 60 finest Albums of 201754Q Magazine"s 50 best Albums of 201740Rap-Up "s 20 best Albums that 201712The 25 finest Albums the 201714Staff"s height 50 Albums of 201712Top 50 releases of 201718AwardsCeremonyCategoryResultNominatedCommercial power Flower boy debuted at number two on the US through 106,000 of which 70,000 were pure album sales. Track listing every tracks developed by.No.TitleWriter(s)Length1." Foreword" (featuring ). Okonma.1:0012." enjoy Right Now, Today"Okonma3:55Total length:46:34Notes.

"Sometimes." Features additional vocals by Shane Powers. "Pothole" functions background vocals through Alexander Brettin. "Garden Shed" features background vocals by.

"Boredom" features additional vocals by. "911 / Mr. Lonely" features additional vocals by, and also Lionel Boyce. "Enjoy right Now, Today" attributes vocals bySample credits. "Foreword" incorporates facets of ", composed by, and, and also performed by. "Pothole" contains aspects of "Ooh", written and also performed by.

"I Ain"t gained Time!" Incorporates aspects of "Introduction", carry out by Bel-Sha-Zaar through Tommy Genapopoluis & The Grecian Knights. "911 / Mr. Lonely" contains a rendition of ", composed by Raymond Calhoun and also performed by.Personnel Credits adjusted from the album"s liner notes.

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