The nationwide Headquarters that Delta Delta Delta Fraternity revoked the Beta Iota chapter charter ~ above Oct. 14 adhering to an investigation of charges made versus the chapter the violated university policy and also the student password of conduct. The investigation was a cooperation effort in between the university and Tri-Delta nationwide Headquarters.

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“The nationwide chapter the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity make the decision to withdraw the charter of the neighborhood UWG chapter complying with an examination by the nationwide chapter concerning activities evidenced to it is in in violation of college policy and the student code of conduct,” stated Dr. Xavier L. Whitaker, combine vice chairman for college student life in ~ the college of West Georgia (UWG).

According come a statement released by Tri-Delta nationwide Headquarters, “the Fraternity to be alerted come alleged hazing and risk management involves involving number of Beta Iota thing members.”

Conduct worries from complete chapters and also individual members that the Greek neighborhood are no a brand-new occurrence at UWG. In the loss of 2014, a complete of 41 individual conduct charges were filed against members that fraternities and sororities. Charges last year had furnishing alcohol to minors, multiple sexual assaults and also some hazing accusations. In spite of these college student conduct cases, UWG continues to assistance its Greek community and also has preventative program in location to education members the sorority and fraternity life.

“UWG hosted a summit with Greek Life leadership in may 2014 addressing Greek Life social activities, criter of conduct, and appropriate behaviors,” claimed Whitaker. “Also, an exterior consultant to be contracted to evaluation the organizational structure, processes, and procedures for Greek Life together a whole. A key outcome to be the production of a UWG fraternity and sorority life development plan to review actions of the past and also to specify firm plot for renovations in the future.

“Elements the the improvement plan included proper and consistent training, education, that Greek Life leaders and members, social event management, student conduct assessment, actions because that improvement, scholastic performance of Greek Life students, accountability for individual actions of all Greek Life members, respect and also care for Greek town as a facility, and also the need for a thorough strategic arrangement to boost existing society behaviors,” ongoing Whitaker.

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Despite these preventative measures, this is the second chapter that the UWG Greek neighborhood to have their charter revoked in the previous year. In December 2014 the Delta Chi Fraternity national Headquarters revoked your UWG thing charter after ~ an incident entailing hazing brand-new members.

The UWG Registered Student establishments Handbook outlines the rules and also regulations for all student institutions registered with the university. In the handbook, hazing is defined as “as any activity taken or situation created, purposely or unintentionally, on or turn off campus, which could be reasonably expected to create mental or physics discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, the violation of college rules and regulations, the violation of the laws or plans of the parent company and/or the violation of any type of local, state, or national laws.”

“We room deeply disappointed in the selections made by several members the our chapter at the university of West Georgia,” said nationwide Fraternity president Phyllis Durbin Grissom, southern Methodist, in the official statement exit by the Fraternity. “This decision to be made v a heavy heart together our chapter has enjoyed an uninterrupted 44-year background at West Georgia. Tri-Delta remains committed come its zero tolerance plan on hazing and also will proceed to be a passionate support for hazing avoidance awareness and education throughout the country.”