Jorge Hernandez performs live throughout a show as component of the Alejandro Fernandez and Tigres del Norte "Rompiendo Fronteras people Tour" in ~ American Airlines facility on Sept. 28, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

Known asla voz del pueblo, or the voice the the people, Los Tigres del Norte have actually consistently spoken out versus issues that directly influence the Latinx community.

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Through lyrics, documentaries, and activism, the norteño band, who career spans over five decades, has explored topics choose immigration, total violence, and also most recently, cash bail reform.

This year, the Latin Music mainly will function a Q&A with Los Tigres del Norte"s Jorge and also Hernán Hernández and Mexican-American hitmaker Becky Gto discussthe role artists currently play in engagingvoters and also the immigrant endure as viewed by twogenerations that Mexican-American artists.

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Ahead the the highly-anticipated Q&A and in celebration of hispanic Heritage Month, right here are 5 times Los Tigres del Norte has actually taken a stand versus social injustice.

Immigration: "Tres Veces Mojado"

Many Los Tigres del Norte songs, consisting of "Tres Veces Mojado," "La Jaula de Oro," "De Paisano a Paisano" and "Vivir En ras Sombras," have end up being pro-immigrant anthems that portray the nuanced experience of immigrant living in the joined States. In 2013, Los Tigres del Norte headlined a massive immigration rally in Washington D.C. To draw attention to immigrant reform.

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Prison Reform: "La Prisión de Folsom"

Last year, Los Tigres Del Norte came to be the an initial artist due to the fact that Johnny Cash to movie a concert within the wall surfaces of Folsom Prison. The concert explores worries of Latinx incarceration, as over 40% that California"s 125,000 inmates are Latinx.

"We’re every human, and there room moments when we all commit errors, when all of a suddenly we come to be blinded by rage, passion, jealousy, desperation,” tape member Jorge Hernández formerly told “We wanted to send a message to the new generations, to human being of every kinds, not to get to that an overwhelming point in life.”

Importance the Voting: "Somos Más Americanos"

Los Tigres del Norte is known for urging the Latinx community to go out and vote. The mexican band has actually in the past presented its support for democrats like previous president Barack Obama and also 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In 2015, the joined forces onstage at the Latin Grammys v Maná wherein they sang the norteño anthem "Somos Más Americanos" and both top bands unveiled a authorize that read: Latinosunidosnovotenpor losracistas