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really Good++ in a very Good++ dust jacket; Hardcover; Dust jacket is clean and intact through no tears, and has not been price-clipped (Now fitted through a new, Brodart coat protector); unmarked boards through "straight" edge-corners; The textblock edges space unblemished; The endpapers and all text pages are bright and unmarked; The binding is tight with a right spine; This publication will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard box v foam padding; Medium-Large style (Quatro, 9.75" - 10.75" tall); Jacket picture of trees through title in white lettering; 2004, university of Pennsylvania Press; 416 pages; "Trees the Pennsylvania: A complete Reference Guide," through Ann Fowler Rhoads & Timothy A. Block. Seller perform # SKU-383AJ05401032

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Title: trees of Pennsylvania: A complete Reference ...

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Publisher: college of Pennsylvania Press

Publication Date: 2004

Binding: Hardcover

Illustrator: Anisko, Anna

Book Condition: an extremely Good

About this title


Black maples can tower to eighty-five feet. Artisans craft fine musical tools from the lumber of native red spruces. And in autumn, the leaves of sugar maples rotate brilliant orange-gloriously coloring Penn"s Woods. The naturalist, forester, or weekend observer will discover all this and an ext in tree of Pennsylvania.

Written by botanists at the Morris Arboretum, the official arboretum the the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this is the many comprehensive, authoritative, and easily accessible field and natural history guide come the state"s tree life. Ann Rhoads and also Timothy Block cover all of Pennsylvania"s 195 trees, both native and naturalized. Each types is defined in a concise, tabular format that has the features of leaves, branches, bark, flowers, and also fruits. The authors talk about flowering and also fruiting time, fall leaf color, and the size of the biggest specimen videotaped within the state. Rhoads and Block more provide an useful historical, ecological, and economic details on every tree species, including just how Pennsylvania"s trees were supplied by aboriginal Americans and also early europe settlers.

This completely illustrated, user-friendly volume has a combination of line drawings by botanical artist Anna Anisko, color photographs, selection maps, and also identification keys so readers will be may be accurately to recognize each tree species. It also offers valuable information ~ above the biological of trees, the history of Pennsylvania"s plenty of forests, and also important list of the endangered, threatened, and rare tree within the state. This is one indispensable guide for everyone interested in Pennsylvania"s natural background and tree life.

native the Publisher:

At the Morris Arboretum that the college of Pennsylvania, Ann Rhoads is senior Scientist of the Pennsylvania Flora Project, Timothy Block is director of Botany, and also Anna Anisko is factory Illustrator. They previously collaborated on The tree of Pennsylvania: An portrayed Manual, also accessible from the university of Pennsylvania Press.

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