Trans-Siberian Orchestra and also Rhino records reissue "The Christmas Trilogy" collection, which has actually been out of print for numerous years, gathers the whole trilogy – Christmas Eve and also Other story (1996), The Christmas Attic (1998) and The shed Christmas night (2004).

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LOS ANGELES – Trans-Siberian Orchestra produced a contemporary holiday standard with that is multi-platinum trilogy that Christmas concept albums. And for much more than 20 years, fans have actually flocked come TSO’s performances the these celebrated albums. The pandemic may have actually sidelined the band’s renowned holiday tourism this year, yet that hasn’t stopped TSO from finding new ways to share its epic yuletide music.

The festivities start with the return that THE CHRISTMAS TRILOGY. This collection, which has actually been the end of print for number of years, gathers the entire trilogy – Christmas Eve and also Other story (1996), The Christmas Attic (1998) and also The shed Christmas night (2004). As a bonus, it also includes The Ghosts that Christmas Eve (1999), a DVD the adds a stunning visual aspect to TSO’s lively sound. Update with new artwork, the 3-CD/DVD set will be accessible tomorrow because that $39.98.

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In addition, selections indigenous the trilogy will certainly be featured in a collection of video visualizers accessible on YouTube. Numerous are online now, including one because that “Christmas Jam.” additional visualizers will be released as Christmas approaches, through the last one – “Christmas Bells, Carousels, & Time” – collection to come on Christmas Day.

Thankfully, fans who want to view TSO live this year, won’t it is in left in the cold. The band will save its rock holiday tradition alive by bringing a live performance right into fans’ houses with “Christmas Eve and Other stories Live In Concert,” TSO’s first-ever livestream event. The show promises all-new staging the the group’s lover album, Christmas Eve and also Other Stories. The livestream, accessible December 18-20, will likewise include pre-show content, behind-the-scenes footage and also classic interview segments. Tickets space on sale now at

TSO’s story started in 1996 when renowned absent producer Paul O’Neill (Aerosmith, Savatage) developed the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Because then, the band has played about 2,100 concert days for an ext than 17 million fans and has offered in overfill of 12 million albums and DVDs.