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The Best method to gain from Casablanca to Marrakech.

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The train is the most convenient method to travel about Morocco. Because that the many part, trains in Morocco are comfortable, reliable and reasonably inexpensive to with Morocco’s most famous tourist destinations.

Many travellers to Morocco choose the convenience the flying into Casablanca airport and also then travel on by rail indigenous Casablanca come Marrakesh, Fez, and also Tangier.

How long Does The Train Ride take from Casablanca come Marrakech

The Casablanca come Marrakesh train organization takes approx. 2.5 hours depending on the service.

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Before showing up in Marrakech: read our Useful Tips for Visiting Marrakech to aid you arrangement a an excellent visit to the red City.

What Train company Runs between Casablanca and Marrakech

Morocco’s state-owned network; ONCF runs all services in between the two cities. All services feature both an initial and 2nd class seating.

Cost of Train tickets

Ticket prices between Casablanca and also Marrakech variety from 49-13 DH (Moroccan Dirham) because that a 2nd class ticket come 120-150 DH for a first-class ticket.

Ticket prices will vary according to the service and the form of fare friend purchase. Fare types are outlined listed below ranging from non-refundable to totally flexible.

First Class

First-class train tickets space not the much an ext expensive than the 2nd class fare however are recommended, specifically for much longer trips.

First-class compartments will certainly be airconditioned, have an ext room and allocated seating. If you acquire to the ticket office at an early stage enough, you can reserve a window seat in an initial class which will allow you to gain the beautiful scenery along the way.



Second Class

A second-class ticket for take trip from Casablanca to Marrakech is not such a problem. However, much longer train rides such as Marrakech to Tangier (8 hrs), particularly on the overnight service, us recommend buying a first-class ticket.

Second-class compartments have recently been refurbished for this reason now have actually air conditioning and also are a lot more comfortable 보다 in ahead years. These renovations coincide v the new high-speed train service in between Casablanca and also Tangier – Al Boraq TGV.

however, the 2nd class will certainly be more cramped, accommodating as many as eight passengers per compartment ~ above a very first come first seated basis. During busy times, you may also have to was standing in second class till a seat i do not care free.


Don’t desire To travel From Casablanca come Marrakech by Train?

Book a exclusive transfer or publication a day trip from Casablanca to Marrakech and get a transfer and also tour in one!


Cost that a second Class Ticket Casablanca to Marrakech

One-way fares vary depending upon the organization and kind of ticket. Suppose prices of:

Tip because that Train take trip in Morocco

They do have a food cart the willtravel v the train when throughout the trip with simple drinks and snacks. We do yet recommend you carry plenty of drink water v you.

Storing Luggage on 2nd Class Trains in Morocco

Unless you gain lucky, the compartments don’t really have enough room for every the people, luggage has to be stowed in ~ the other end of the carriage in an open area the contrary the entry.

We very recommendcarrying a lockable luggage cable in Moroccofor times choose this when you may need to stow her luggage the end of sight in a non-secure area. You can lock her luggage come a resolved structure top top the train

Keep her Luggage Secure

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Buying Train ticket in Morocco

In theory, friend can book tickets for travel within Morocco online with ONCF. However, you have the right to only execute so through a Moroccan issued credit transaction card. We don’t think this has changed yet.

You may ask a tour operator or Moroccan travel agent to purchase tickets for you in advance, however this is no necessary. The easiest method is to buy your tickets in human being at the station.

If coming from Casablanca Airport, you can purchase ticket at both booths and ticket machines at Casablanca plane train station.

Best Time to Buy Tickets

You deserve to purchase tickets on the job you are travelling native the train terminal as trains depart every few hours and also are hardly ever full.

However, for first-class tickets on renowned routes, especially during peak season and holidays, it might be ideal to walk to the station a job or 2 before and also purchase your tickets in advance.

First-class seats deserve to be booked up to a month in advance.

Casablanca Train Station

Casablanca has three train stations; Casa Voyageurs, Casa Port and Mohammed V global Airport.

The key train station in Casablanca is Casa Voyageurs. The white building is recognizable by its high clock tower over the entrance.

Passengers travelling from Casa Port, Casablanca’s smaller sized station close to the city’s Atlantic port or Mohammed V worldwide Airport, will affix to Marrakesh via a deliver at Casa Voyageurs.

Train schedules From Casablanca to Marrakech

There are eight solutions per day between Casablanca to Marrakech departing every couple of hours.

Travel time is approximately 2.5 hours.

Cost: 1st class – 120-150 Dh | 2nd class – 49-139 Dh depending upon ticket form as described earlier.

Check ONCF website for any kind of schedule alters closer to your take trip date.

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