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research Interests:

The primary aims of Dr. Wilson’s research are to rise our understanding of the social, structural, and psychological reasons of racial/ethnic and also gender-based wellness disparities, and also to add to the development, testing, and also dissemination that interventions the improve wellness outcomes and quality that life amongst men and women.

By concentrating both ~ above reducing danger factors and also supporting social and psychological strengths and resources such together resilience and positive affect, she really hopes to aid support neighborhoods in achieving greater health, an especially as it relates to reducing risks for infectious diseases, cultivating timely detection and also treatment for disease, and also staying proactively engaged in care and also adherent to medication regimens.

current projects: 1S21MD012474-01 (Pato, Riley, Salifu)

National academy on minority Health and also Health Disparities, NIH

TRANSPORT – The Translational program of wellness Disparities research study Training

This endowment compensation will develop a new and sustainable Translational program of wellness Disparities research Training (TRANSPORT). Carry will carry out a structure for growing and developing a diverse biomedical study workforce the will position bromheads.tv together a nationwide leader in translational disparities and population health research. Our efforts will emphasis on recruiting and training underrepresented minority (URM) small faculty, postdoctoral candidates and also undergraduate students.

Role: Co-Investigator

P20MD006875 (Sub-Project ID: 5174; Wilson)National academy on minority Health and Health Disparities, NIH

Barbershop talk HIV prevention for African-American Men

As a sub-project that the Brooklyn wellness Disparities Center, this swarm randomized trial will test the efficacy that a CBPR-based behavioral intervention to minimize men’s HIV transmission risks.

Role: principal Investigator for Sub-Project

P20MD006875 (Salifu, Fraser)National academy on decimal Health and also Health Disparities, NIH

The Brooklyn health and wellness Disparities Center

The long-term missions of the center are come foster community engaged study that contributes to the elimination of racial/ethnic health disparities in Brooklyn, brand-new York and disseminate the taking place clinically and community characterized evidence-based wellness findings among academic, community, and also policy stakeholders.

Role: Co-Investigator, study Core Co-Director

U01A131834 (Minkoff and also Gustafson)National academy of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH

The Women’s Interagency HIV Study, V

This study examines the natural history of HIV in women in the joined States.

Role: Co-Investigator, command Investigator because that Engagement in Care core aim.

Why I reap working at SUNY bromheads.tv:

I have actually a great network of partner from a range of disciplines here at bromheads.tv and also in the bordering community--these collaborations result in many new and exciting ideas and opportunities because that practice and also research. I additionally gain a lot native working with the college student in the college of windy health and also other schools and also programs at bromheads.tv; they assist to store me energized and also passionate around public health!

Mailing Address: 450 Clarkson Ave, MSC 43 Brooklyn NY 11203

Wilson TE, Kay ES, Turan B, Johnson MO, Kempf MC, Turan JM, Cohen MH, Adimora AA,Pereyra M, Golub ET, Goparaju L, Murchison L, Wingood GM, Metsch LR. HealthcareEmpowerment and also HIV viral Control: Mediating duties of Adherence and Retention inCare. American journal of preventative medicine. 2018; PubMed PMID:29656911 Gardner LI, marks G, Patel U, Cachay E, Wilson TE, Stirratt M, Rodriguez A,Sullivan M, Keruly JC, Giordano TP. Gaps up to 9 Months in between HIV main CareVisits perform Not Worsen viral Load. AIDS patience care and STDs. 2018; 32(4):157-164.PubMed PMID: 29630849 Zhang Y, Wilson TE, Adedimeji A, Merenstein D, Milam J, Cohen J, Cohen M, GolubET. The influence of Substance use on follow to Antiretroviral treatment AmongHIV-Infected women in the united States. AIDS and behavior. 2018; 22(3):896-908.NIHMSID: NIHMS880638 PubMed PMID: 28560499, PMCID: PMC5709246 Adams LM, Wilson TE, Merenstein D, Milam J, Cohen J, Golub ET, Adedimeji A, CookJA. Making use of the center for Epidemiologic studies Depression range to assessdepression in women through HIV and women at hazard for HIV: are somatic itemsinvariant? mental assessment. 2018; 30(1):97-105. NIHMSID: NIHMS844359PubMed PMID: 28230409, PMCID: PMC5568988 Belenky N, Pence BW, Cole SR, Dusetzina SB, Edmonds A, Oberlander J, Plankey MW,Adedimeji A, Wilson TE, Cohen J, Cohen MH, Milam JE, Golub ET, Adimora AA.Associations between Medicare component D and Out-of-Pocket Spending, HIV viral Load,Adherence, and also ADAP use in twin Eligibles through HIV. Medical care.

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2018;56(1):47-53. NIHMSID: NIHMS913735 PubMed PMID: 29227443, PMCID:PMC5728680

For complete list, see:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/browse/collection/41469485/?sort=date&direction=descending

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