Another season of optimal Shot is in the books and a clear winner has been named. ~ eliminating 15 other rivals it was ultimately time because that someone to case the $100,000 prize.

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The display started off with the final four rivals being Chris, Mike, Dustin and also Gary. These four men have each performed an extremely well and each guy has likewise sent at least one human being home during elimination challenges.

The an initial competition witnessed the shooters having actually to confront off one-on-one in pairs. Over there were 4 hanging to adjust of three targets. The goal to be for the shooters come hit the various other persons fancy targets, while they were moving earlier and forth.

In the end it to be Chris who was the very first person native the finale to go home. The next dispute was the ever before popular pick your shot.

The three remaining contestants each acquired to pick a target, weapon and distance indigenous a set of predetermined choices.

Mike had actually the many impressive selection when he had the males shoot an AK-47 with just one hand. He and Gary each made the shot watch easy.


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Gary to be the one who was sent house at the end of the dispute when he failed come hit a target set out by Dustin.

Mike and Dustin faced off in a gauntlet that contained seven train station containing weapons they had actually used transparent the whole competition.

When the exhilaration cleared and the targets were every shot, Dustin emerged as the winner of peak Shot. The young Christian Camp leader who had actually no main shooting resume had beat 15 human being made up of military, legislation enforcement and also competitive shooters, including civilization champion revolver champion Cliff Walsh and also Pistol grandmaster Mike Hughes.

His plans because that the money include expanding his Christian camp to take on much more kids.

This season had actually its re-publishing of drama but in the finish it was the exceptional marksmen who took the win.

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