In an NBA season filled through uncertainty, one time-tested tradition returned: the yearly All-Star Game. While this year mid-season rest looked an extremely different than in year past, the league’s greatest stars quiet aligned under one roof to placed on a show.

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Collectors passionate to commemorate the occasion will soon have the ability to get your hands top top 20 all-new moments from the players that suited increase in the contest – the an initial Moments that their type featuring plays native an really All-Star Game. 

A full of 36,378 packs for this rare 2021 All-Star Game collection will be available for purchase on Thursday, march 18 in ~ 2:00 pm PDT, therefore be certain to carve out time on her Thursday to hop right into the queue.

These packs will each it is in headlined by one 2021 All-Star video game Moment numbered to simply 2,021. Amongst the Moments accessible in the package themselves room Steph Curry’s lookaway triple and subsequent reaction, Mike Conley’s long-time-coming, very first All-Star game bucket and Chris Paul’s memorable two-handed alley-oop finish.

‍Of course, no 2021 All-Star Game collection would be finish without appearances from video game MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the guy who stole the display in the last moments, Damian Lillard. Be on the lookout because that iconic moments from each to be available as challenge Rewards in the comes weeks.


‍In addition to the minimal Edition 2021 All-Star video game Moments, each load will come invited with 6 Base collection Moments from series 2, a collection with no shortage the memorable dram from organization stars and rookies alike.

To floor a 2021 NBA All-Star video game pack, sign up with us on Thursday, march 18. Important note: to it is in eligible to get in the queue and purchase a pack, collectors will be required to have actually at least three moment in your collection.

A full of 36,378 packs will be made easily accessible to collectors in this pack drop. Secondary 4,042 packs will be withheld for community giveaways, customer service and also promotional purposes.

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View a finish list the every Moment accessible in these packs.


Pack Cost: $229Moments every Pack: 7 (1 x rarely 2021 All-Star Game, 6 x basic Set)Max Packs every Collector: 1Eligibility: need to Own 3 Moments prior to Drop (unopened packs carry out not count together Moments)