37. Why were American diplomats particularly dismayed that the Soviets had installed a procommunist government in Poland in 1945?
c. Stalin had promised Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt at Yalta that he would allow a democratic government in Poland.

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XXXa. America"s response to the Russian blockade of West Berlin was to turn that sector of the city over to the Soviets in return for maintaining control of West Germany.
c. The pact would guard them against Soviet aggression as well as against the resurgence of a powerful Germany.
XXXb. American forces took control of most of North Korea by September of 1950 and were poised to reunite the country under a pro-American government when Chinese communist troops entered the war on the side of North Korea and drove American forces back
51. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be described by all of the following statements, EXCEPT:
c. The Declaration of Human Rights was immediately ratified by Congress and was honored by the U.S. and surprisingly by the Soviet Union as well.
a. The NAACP"s voter registration drive increased the number of Southern black registered voters sevenfold.
60. The Dixiecrats was the name given to southern delegates to the Democratic National Convention who
62. From what you have read earlier in the course and in this chapter, you can deduce that U.S. society in the 1950s shared one of the following features with the society of the 1920s.

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XXXb. Sen. McCarthy had come to the Senate with a distinguished war record for his service during WWII and was well-connected in military circles.

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