This home-for-the-holidays ballad centers top top the hometown reunion of 2 old flames. The female, Dorothea, left she Tupelo hometown to seek stardom in LA, leaving her boyfriend at the moment behind. Now she"s went back to remain with your parents for a vacation weekend and also is considering a romantic rendezvous v her former high institution lover.And the love I know I"m breakin" is mine ownTo leaving the warmest bed I"ve ever before knownWe could call it evenEven though I"m leavingAnd I"ll be yours for the weekendDorothea knows well the their hookup will only last for a weekend, and it will certainly break her heart again once she return home.

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Swift explained this together being about "Dorothea, the girl who left her small town to chase under Hollywood dreams - and what happens as soon as she comes earlier for the holidays and also rediscovers an old flame."

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Piper from mountain Franciscoall women space lifted up and made healthy by this empowering lyrics from 2020. Best in the center of the pandemic you have actually a woman song the lyrics we all need to hear " the stench of mine stool is made all set by mine dinner last night, I have actually the will certainly to succeed so allows make this year right" these words ring true for females everywhere. I love this, ideal download ever. See an ext comments
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