Check the end a behind the scenes look at Thompson Square"s "Everything i Shouldn"t Be reasoning About" from their 2013 album, simply Feels Good.

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Thompson Square Everything ns Shouldn’t Be reasoning About is the first track turn off of their 2nd album, Just feel Good. The album was released in February 2013 with the video to follow just a couple of months later. Walk behind the scenes v Thompson Square and take a look in ~ the do of the catchy tune.


The song is about being in a relationship and also thinking about certain things an ext than others. Things like daily chores, clean the home or doing yard work, gain pushed to the next to make means for think about a far-reaching other. This is normal for relationships, however it also distracts from tasks, which is why the couple “shouldn’t be thinking about” those things. However it provides for a catchy and also relatable song!

Kiefer Thompson was the mastermind behind the lyrics of the song. That actually come up v the song’s key idea through some friends while Shawna remained in the kitchen cooking. By the moment she returned, the track was finished. The man’s point of watch comes first, which was fairly easy come write through a group of guys sitting together thinking around girls. Kiefer additionally wrote the woman’s part, guessing that ladies had similar thoughts sometimes. He to be right.

The song came to be a hit and also introduces Thompson Square’s second album, Just feeling Good, as the first track. A few months later, Thompson Square exit the music video clip and dressed increase as a pair from the 1960s. Lock reenact the story told in the song, “Everything i Shouldn’t Be thinking About.” check out the video clip here:

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The Thompson Square duo appears to have actually a relationship prefer the movies, and also “Everything i Shouldn’t Be thinking About” illustrates a relatable love story. Kiefer and Shawna Thompson collection an example for a solid relationship while reflecting that they have the right to have fun with each other. The music video shows their capability to let loose and enjoy each other’s presence, sometimes providing in come those distracting thoughts.

For an ext behind the scenes footage and also the do of the music video clip for “Everything ns Shouldn’t Be reasoning About,” examine out the video clip below:

The husband-wife duo has actually such great chemistry. Whether it’s in the studio, in prior of the camera, or simply enjoying life together, Thompson Square has a connection that anyone longs for. Don’t forget to share this article with other Thompson Square fans!