A producer in the studio and also on the field. Chad thomas will proceed to represent as he climbs the charts come the agree level.

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well-known as lot for it’s prominence as a university football power, the university of Miami has been likewise known for creating NFL talent top top an annual basis, acting together a pipeline top top a prospect path to skilled football. When previous Booker T. Washington protective end Chad cutting board arrived to UM’s campus, numerous projected the five-star high school prospect would conquer early and often during his collegiate career. Sadly, that was not the situation early in Thomas’ career. Thomas was provided sparingly throughout his first two seasons—a reality that only attracted the ire that Miami’s fan base in the direction of then-head coach Al golden and protective coordinator note D’Onofrio for questionable personnel decisions during their tenure.

Like plenty of holdovers from the golden regime, start his junior season, one older, wiser and limitless potential version of Thomas appeared ready to seize the methods presented.

With the Hurricanes adopting an attack 4-3 defense under new defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, the adjust returned cutting board to a acquainted stance. Having operated as a linebacker rushing indigenous two-point stance v D’Onofiro as DC, thomas transitioned ago to placing his hand ~ above the grass in 3-point stance. Whether with maturation or a better scheme fit, No. 9’s productions choose up in his final two periods at Miami, collection 11 tackles-for-loss in 2016 and also 12.5 TFLs in his an elderly season. His four sacks in 2016 were enhanced by one-and-a-half in 2017 for a five-and-a-half rushing total versus the stamin of the offense.

One of the more fascinating individuals to come v the regimen in some time, Thomas’ passion is playing the video game of football, yet it’s not his only endeavour. Prior to his an elderly year, thomas was credited by Miami Rapper stack Ross because that his production on a song called, “Apple of my Eye” ~ above Ross’ “Rather You 보다 Me” album. That very same year, DJ Khaled used an additional sample developed by Thomas—whose rap surname is significant Nine—on a single that featured Miami DJ and also “God’s Plan” artist, Drake. After dropping a mixtape, cutting board made it clear that his emphasis was ~ above school—he majors in Miami’s music program—and top top the football season. Thomas has maintained that his musical ambitions will certainly be ~ above the backburner together he chases his dream of gift drafted and also playing in the NFL, illustrating his real emphasis in life.

Measurables and Path come the Draft

Height: six-foot-five

Weight: 281 pounds

Arm Length: 33 1⁄2 inches

Hand Size: 10 1⁄4 customs

Class: Senior

High School: Booker T. Washington

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Best video game Film: Florida State (2017)

Chad Thomas’ an elderly Profile


Violent Hands

In any other context aside indigenous MMA, having violents hands would certainly be thought about a an adverse trait. However, cutting board does wonderful job of acquiring into blockers to create an are in bespeak to check out plays develop. His club and also stab moves were amongst the ideal that anyone has actually seen because that the Hurricanes end the past few seasons.


Thomas plays with an excellent leverage to be able to show shade on plays the attempt come bounce outside. Thomas does fantastic job of taking on combo block from chop ends and also tackles, often taking care of TEs as one would hope a protective end would at the NFL level.


It to be mentioned earlier that thomas spent half of his collegiate career rushing from two-point and also three-point stance, therefore he will have the familiarity v either posture for protective schemes that occupational out of multiple formations. Security a bulk of his career coming turn off the edge, his an elderly season has actually plenty of instances of thomas rushing the passer from the protective interior as a three-technique with fellow DE Trent Harris aligned to the very same side of the protective line. Simply too rapid with his mix of speed and also power against interior offensive linemen, Thomas grew when relocated to the inner of the line.

Solid Instincts

It’s daunting for any type of defender—freshman or senior—to not be fooled on chance by misdirection. The vital to gift a good defender is to let that end up being a normal aspect of your game. Cutting board maintains his space integrity by staying home on plays, trusting the scouting report and his instincts. On counters and powers, you’ll view his number ripe jersey stapled to the hip of the guard that leads him come disrupting the play before it have the right to develop. When it involved run defense for Miami in 2017, just DT RJ McIntosh was an ext disruptive against the operation than Thomas.


Lack of bag Production

Thomas has actually the size, strength and football acumen to be a dominant defensive lineman, yet his happen rush capability leaves something to be desired. There space too countless instances ~ above film where he do the efforts to usage a speed rush to obtain by a handle with outcomes that either take it him out of the beat or leaves the quarterback v an ample amount of time in the pocket. His edge to the QB will regularly allow more athletic QBs to action up come the peak of the bag or check out him speed past, whiffing as the QB procedures up far from his rush.

While NFL evaluators believe that sack manufacturing translates from college to the pros, that is feasible in the right device for cutting board to boost to be better against the pass, especially given exactly how the league views pass-rushers in high regard these days.

Scout’s Take

“Has all the physical and also athletic traits that a team might look for follow me the edge and he’s versatile sufficient to pat in an odd or also front. Thomas’ draft grade is based much much more on forecast than production and also he will need prove the he can convert coaching into success on the field as a happen rusher. Thomas has actually the potential to become a much far better pro than college player, however his floor is lower than you could like.”

Lance Zierlein NFL.com analyst

”He will be a very great NFL player or a bust. Ns don’t think there will certainly be one in-between. He has actually his music thing which he is supposedly really an excellent at. Ns think it’s legit to question whether or no his heart will be into football as a irreversible passion. He’s yes, really talented yet hasn’t improved like he must have.”

AFC team East coast scout

“He’s among the many impressive size/athleticism prospects in this class, yet the production was never ever there at Miami. He is a project, yet has the sort of ceiling most edge players in this draft class can’t match.”

MMQB staff Member

“As a true 4-3 defensive end prospect, Chad cutting board will have a ton of value for groups who desire a strong-side finish who might line up within for sub-packages. His versatility and also athleticism space his calling cards, however a absence of production keeps his stock lowered”

Matt miller Bleacher Report

“Thomas comes ready-made to be an impact-player versus the run as a rookie. Act the very same as a pass-rusher may take a small longer. Thomas would flash leading outings, then disappear far too often.”

Mike Renner agree Football Focus

NFL Network analyst and draft guru Daniel Jeremiah contrasted Thomas with former Miami Dolphins’ defensive end Jared Odrick. Throughout his seven-season career, Odrick break-up the an initial five year of his career play for the Miami Dolphins before going to the Jacksonville Jaguars because that two seasons via complimentary agency. Thomas and also Odrick both have comparable measurables, v the exemption that Odrick moonlighted throughout his career as a defensive tackle—a move that would certainly be a disservice to Thomas’ skills collection in early on projections.

There were part projections beforehand in the off-season that Thomas can be a candidate to it is in a standup outside linebacker in a 3-4 system. However, many of the NFL Network experts were adamant the Thomas will make his living as a pro as a 4-3 timeless defensive end. This is regardless of looking fluid during the early part of the drill, yet looking uncomfortable in his backpedal and also dropping a pair balls in ~ the end of the workout.

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MajorNine has definitely enjoyed the #NFLCombine endure so far. Pic.twitter.com/rz4iE4aekT

— Canes football (

Final Wave

There would be a fierce debate regarding who the heart and also soul that the Hurricanes was last season. The case could be made for Jaquan Johnson, Shaq Quarterman, or Ahmmon Richards. However, offered his tenure in ~ Miami and also doing what to be asked the him—playing together a standup LB over his herbal position the playing with his hand ~ above the ground—Thomas led the team together he made it his mission to it is in a part of returning Miami football to its vault heights.

Considered a prototypical 4-3 protective end based on his measurables and style of play, Thomas have to be an ideal fit for numerous multiple protective systems in today’s NFL. Because that a regime that has actually produced great edge defenders such as Olivier Vernon and Calais Campbell, Thomas has actually the intangibles and work ethic to carve out a effective career. That course, having a fall back in the music sector is not as well shabby. Watch for thomas to land v a 4–3 or multiple defensive front system to begin his career. It would certainly be suitable harmony for a player who listed a perfect melody for the ’Canes throughout his time in ~ UM.

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