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The correct Answer that this concern is B) Mobile


Much prefer theLinuxorWindowsoperating system monitoringyour desktop computer or laptop computer, a cell phone operating device is the software application platform on height of which other programs deserve to run on cell phone devices. The operating system is liablefor fixingthe functions and features obtainableon your device, together as ignorance wheel, keyboards, WAP, synchronization through applications, email,text messagingand more. The mobile OS will also identifywhich third-party applications (mobile apps) have the right to be employedon your device.

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This kind of installed operating system is provided by smartphones. Choose One : A. Desktop computer B. Mobile C. Network D. Stand-alo
Problem: This form of installed operating device is offered by smartphones. Select One : A. Desktop B. Mobile C. Network D. Stand-alone
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Problem: _____ is one open-source operating device whose resource code is freely available to everyone? a. Linux b. Mac OS X c. Chrome d. Unix
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