Visa has been authorized on DEC 14,2020 but I am gaining "There is no condition update accessible for the passport number submitted" condition while tracking the passport.

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Country : Nepal


Is over there anyone who likewise faced the exact same issue? What should I need to do?


Thank you.


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Visa has actually been approved on DEC 14,2020 but I am obtaining "There is no condition update obtainable for the passport number submitted" status while tracking the passport.

Country : Nepal


Is there anyone who additionally faced the exact same issue? What have to I must do?


Thank you.

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Visa has been authorized on DEC 14,2020 yet I am getting "There is no status update accessible for the passport number submitted" standing while tracking the passport.


And that describes why over there is no status when he checks passport tracking. Visa has not to be issued yet. Nothing come do but wait for it to it is in issued.



Unfortunately, over there is no guarantee timeline for bureaucratic Processing. Can be days, weeks, or months.

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How are you checking passport status? friend should have the ability to track passport native here 

Hello, ns from Nepal , and my visa classification is CR1..Does anyone native Nepal have any type of idea just how long is the wait because that a interview after being documentarily qualified at NVC? 

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there is no standing update easily accessible for the passport number it is registered cr1 visa

i was offered 221g white type where must make correction on my birth certificate and send it with each other to embassy. I did send my passport and also correct birth certificate come the embassy but it been more than 2 weeks and no condition on ceac adjust or also in ustraveldoc. 

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