Writings top top the wall surface is one of the plenty of side quests obtainable in AC Odyssey. The quest deserve to be began by talk to the Street merchant present in Naxos.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey is one action-adventure video clip game arisen by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. It is the eleventh significant instalment, and 21st overall, in the Assassin's Creed series and the successor to 2017's Assassin's Creed Origins. The video game is available for every the gaming platforms consisting of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and also Microsoft Windows.

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AC Odyssey works on the Wall

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This is a side pursuit which starts as soon as you speakwith the Street seller present in Naxos. He deserve to be found near to the docks in Adriadne's Fate.

First of all, you need to go come the market and examine the three graffiti paintingsEach of these paintings have the right to be found near a group of spectators.Now you must go ago to the Street vendor and talk to himGo to Routsouna WaterfallThis can be discovered in the east direction that Naxos.Enter the cave, behind the waterfall, and also there will certainly be a crack to go intoFinally, talk to Lichas.The Rewards for this include:Medium XPMedium DrachmaeBow the Muses (Rare)Artist Contract (Trade Good)

AC Odyssey Guide

Chapter 1 main Storyline Quests: Prologue, So the Begins, debt Collector, one Eye because that an Eye, an elaborate Guests, Penelope's Shroud, The big Break.Chapter 2 main Storyline Quests: finding out the Ropes, equal Employment opportunity Program, A Journey into War, The Athenian treasure Trove, Crumble and Burn, One man Army, The Athenian Leader, The final Push, The wolf of Sparta.Chapter 3 key Storyline Quests: Onwards come Phokis, The Wolf's Fate, snake in the Grass, Consulting a Ghost, The reality Will Out, The Serpent's Lair.Chapter 4 main Storyline Quests: storage Awoken, Welcome come Athens, A poisonous Encounter, Escape from Athens, Ostracized, Perikles's Symposium, Drink Up, Oil and Love.Chapter 5 key Storyline Quests: To find a Girl, To help a Girl, port of Lawlessness, Monger Down, first Do No Harm, The medical professional Will see You Now, The priests of Asklepios, sufficient is Enough, written in Stone, A Heart for a Head, Speak no Evil, Ashes come Ashes, The Island the Misfortune, abandoned by Gods, and also the highways Run Red, Athens' critical Hope.Chapter 6 main Storyline Quests: A Mother's Prayers, Death and Disorder, Quarry Quandary, The Paros Blockade, merged Front.Chapter 7 main Storyline Quests: residence Sweet Home, Bully the Bullies, One poor Spartan Spoils the Bunch, transporting a Champion, The Contender, The long Game, Pankration, To kill or not to Kill, White Lies and Blackmail, Gluten-Free, Judge, Jury, Executioner, The Conqueror component 1 (The last Fight the Aristaios, The fall of Deianira, The end of Drakon, The critical Hunt the Nesaia), The Conqueror component 2 (The battle of Pylos, A Bloody Feast)Chapter 8 key Storyline Quests: doing Time, one Actor's Life because that Me, A-Musing Tale, battle of AmphipolisChapter 9 main Storyline Quests: where it all Began, Dinner in Sparta

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