NOTE: You deserve to only trigger this pursuit if friend spared Letho in The Witcher 2, or claimed you spared him during the quest imperial Audience. Otherwise you’ll uncover Wraiths come ‘kill’ in the area where it would certainly trigger.

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- You’ll trigger this quest upon getting here on the grounds that Reardon Manor. It’s one abandoned community to the east of Lindenvale. You’re most likely to come here during the pursuit The autumn of the home of Reardon.
- The first thing to note around the grounds are the sheer variety of traps laid the end for you. Action on one accidentally and also you’re in for some pain. Usage your Witcher Senses to stop them, then enter the biggest home, in the southern of the area. You’ll obtain trapped inside.
- keep your Witcher Senses active to get rid of several much more traps within the house, climate look in the rear of the room where you’re locked because that a ladder. Interact with it and also you’ll wind increase crawling right into the attic, where, surprise, Letho is waiting. Reduced scene follows…
- … and also when it’s excellent you’ll be dealing with a group of nasty Headhunters. You have actually Letho come help, however it’s reasonably dangerous to simply rush right into this well-armed mob through no plan. If you’ve good archery an abilities you have the right to snipe them indigenous the attic window; otherwise, hop down and also use indicators to whittle down their numbers, hopping about constantly to stop being flanked. Letho is an excellent at defence, no that amazing at attack, so i think you’re fighting this fight solo and also take it seriously.
- follow Letho across open terrain. He’ll lead you to a little bandit camp. Another fight ensues here, similar to the first, however with no bows to afflict you. It’s much easier and also much shorter. ~ a cut scene Letho will certainly jump top top his steed again; ransack the camp, if you desire - not a whole lot to see, honestly - climate jump on Roach and also follow him.

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- back to Lindenvale. You’ll fight a reduced scene upon arriving in the area, and also after a confrontation you’ll gain basically three options:
Leave. The pursuit is over, and Letho dies.Let the bounty hunters take it Letho’s amulet. Letho lives. You have the right to invite that to continue to be at Kaer Morhen.Kill the bounty hunters. After a short brawl versus the last three guys you’ll get close come the same reduced scene as you would certainly if you offered away the amulet. Letho quiet lives, and also again, you have the right to invite him to Kaer Morhen.