He was sentenced to a 150-year jail term because that cheating hundreds of ordinary world out of their savings.
The Governor"s term of office (= the period in i m sorry they have power) expires in ~ the end of the year.

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a indigenous or expression offered in relation to a certain subject, frequently to explain something main or technical:
The terms of a geometric series form a geometric progression, meaning that the ratio of succeeding terms in the series is constant.
She told the what she believed of his behavior in no unsure terms (= she made her disapproval an extremely clear).
a word or expression used in relation to a specific subject, regularly for something official or technical:
legal/medical/technical term labor negotiations had actually reached one "impasse," a legal hatchet in job law.
Employers recognize that if they execute not offer attractive terms and also conditions, they cannot suppose to recruit the best.
under the regards to an agreement/a contract/a transaction Under the regards to the mergers agreement, the company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary that the bigger firm.
on attractive/favourable/good state The southern Africans rescheduled Mozambique"s debt on favourable terms.

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used to describe the real level or quantity of something, as soon as you think about all the points that influence it, specifically inflation:
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to try to gain political support or votes, specifically by visiting all the homes in one area

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