Identify the components of the fibrous layer.A. Cornea and also lensB. Cornea and also irisC. Sclera and conjunctivaD. Sclera and also cornea
A; Correct. The cornea is the transparent part of the fibrous layer wherein light start the eyeball into the anterior chamber before passing with the pupil come the lens.

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Which cranial nerve dead visual information from the eyeball to the brain?A. Oculomotor nerveB. Olfactory nerveC. Vestibulocochlear nerveD. Optic nerve
D; Correct. Cranial nerve II, the optic nerve, dead sensory details from the eyeball to the brain.
Only the fibrous layer have the right to be observed in its entirety from the superficial surface of the cow eye. True False
Identify the fluid filled space between the cornea and iris.A. Anterior segmentB. Posterior chamberC. Posterior segmentD. Anterior chamber
Identify the structure that regulates the amount of light entering the posterior segment that the eye.A. IrisB. CorneaC. LensD. Pupil
A; Correct. The iris is a muscular framework composed that both circular and also radially arranged smooth muscle cells. The is qualified of changing the form of the pupil, in order to adjusting the lot of light passing through the lens.
Identify the locations that are filled through aqueous humor.A. The anterior and posterior chambersB. The posterior chamber and the posterior segmentC. The anterior and also posterior segmentsD. The anterior chamber and the posterior segment
A; Correct. The anterior and posterior chambers consist of the anterior segment, i beg your pardon is filled with aqueous humor.
false; Correct. The lens divides the eye into the anterior segment, situated in former of the lens, and the posterior segment, situated behind the lens.
false; Correct. The iris changes the diameter of the opening at that center, which is well-known as the pupil.
Identify the muscular framework that anchors the lens in place.A. IrisB. Ciliary bodyC. Suspensory ligamentsD. Choroid
B; The ciliary body has ciliary muscle the attachs the lens with the suspensory ligaments, anchoring it in place.
Where is the vitreous human body located?A. Anterior chamberB. Anterior segmentC. Posterior segmentD. Posterior chamber
C; Correct. The vitreous human body is the thick liquid that filling the back of the eyeball behind the lens.
B; Correct. The retina is the neural layer the senses incoming intuitive information and also sends the sensory input to the brain through the optic nerve.
D; Correct. The choroid is the vascular layer. That is a membrane through a well-off blood it is provided which nourishes the eye. It"s thick blood supply provides the choroid a an extremely dark color.
Which that the complying with regions is known as the blind spot?A. Ciliary bodyB. Optic discC. Fovea centralisD. Macula lutea
B; Correct. The optic bowl is wherein the optic nerve exit the eye. Photoreceptor cells are not current in this region, and also therefore visual information can not be obtained in this area.

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Identify the untrue statement regarding the vitreous body.A. Support the posterior surface of the lensB. Transmits lightC. Hold the retina against the choroidD. Consists of a thin, watery fluid
D; Correct. The vitreous human body is the gelatinous fluid that filling the posterior segment. The aqueous humor uncovered in the anterior segment is a slim watery fluid.
How many extrinsic eye muscles are attached to the exterior surface ar of every eyeball?A. ThreeB. FourC. FiveD. Six
The wall of the eye has three layers. The outermost fibrous layer is made up of the opaque white sclera and the transparent __________.A. LacrimaB. ChoroidC. CorneaD. Ciliary gland
The __________ is a clear, watery liquid that helps to maintain the intraocular push of the eye and provides nutrients for the avascular lens and cornea.A. Aqueous humorB. Vitreous humor
At the optic chiasma, the fibers from the medial side of every eye cross over to the opposite side. True False



Hole"s Essentials of person Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis