The royal prick is clean your highnessThank you, king shitYeah motherfuckers! Welcome to the United claims of America.Time to roll out the red carpet ~ above y"all bitch asses.Hailin from the filthy, dirty South, where the monarchs lay.Ludacris; Disturbin" Tha peace family. Acknowledge royaltywhen you hear it. The throne has actually been taken, so kiss thisnigga"s earring. Luda throw part grapes on this bitches!These bitches throwin increased petals in ~ my feet mayn!They wanna spoil me, treatin me prefer royalty;what I"m "sposed come do? It"s such a sweet thangWork the track, whip "em prefer KuntaThat"s why they stay down, they loyal citizens of ZamundaBy means of A-T-L; if girlfriend disagreedon"t also look at me ho don"t happen go just go straight to jailWith no probation or bail, but this ain"t MonopolyIt"s Jolly eco-friendly Giants reason we smoke so much broccoliUh-oh, Spaghetti-O"s! Luda"s oodles of noodlesAnd testin me is like pitbulls put up to poodlesMy rap career goes back further 보다 yo" dad hairlineIt"s Ludacris - i pack an ext nuts than Delta AirlinesI"m fly, also when I gain high I work cashAnd also got mine coats bumped increase to very first classI"m ceo to all employees - and also I"m here to teach the principleCause I"ve been saved by mo" bells 보다 Lark VorheesMan fuck the nigga "Cris man, for real man. I"m worn down ofthis shit man. Guy I shot to rap for the nigga, I try to geta nigga tracks; he ain"t hearin my shit. Man for real.Man mine four-year-old son deserve to rap much better than that nigga;man the nigga garbage. Male I gained talent too, the nigga ain"thearin me. Guy iii-iiiis this shit on? "Cris, c"mon "Cris."Cris, f"real man. FUCK girlfriend NIGGA, guy FUCK YOU!Fuck friend too! What you wanna do, scrawny niggaBut I obtained a arsenal of automatics down to twenty-twosKnow exactly how to usage "em, hit dirty together SHITI litter a grenade and also all-in-one bury a CLIQUEYou view y"all got it every wrong prefer women in tuxedosAnd comin up much shorter than five Danny DeVitosI"m ~ above a cool ranch, acquire laid more than FritosWith five strippers, 4 wives and three amigosI walk scuba divin in Bays at MontegoI find gold links and also snatch "em prefer I"m DeeboBut I"m the light-skinteted version of MandingoI"ve seen an ext Beatles and Jagged Edges 보다 RingoI offered to run numbers in heat they caled me BINGOCause I"m big, girlfriend a little star, you simply twinkleOld asses like sharpeis, y"all all wrinkledAnd I stay with more BULLETS 보다 yo" Billboard singlesHo that is simply too much! You simply gotta give applausehe is certainly all f"real - yasee WHAT I"msayin? Ha ha i befuckin through him all the time, yah know what ns mean? I"m sayin, ns usedto just sell house herb (?) now residence come v he want fiftys that purple,he desire quarters OF violet now. I DONT KNOW how to trip with itman, I just sold that a QP last week of the flava,yaseewhatI"msayin?Yeah, can I gain a small hit the that, little nigga through a bigga sackSee piece of the bigger trap look at the God it is in rollin on thatWhere they absent it at? and also a lot of people just don"t knowShady Park girlfriend heard just don"t goQuick to upper and lower reversal the bird increase po"-po"Makin the way for that rodeo, that rodeo show!Gotta hit "em with a reload, ns gotta placed "em through the people gotta do a nigga stop, drop, role - five no where the win go?Bring that, shit back, didn"t wanna hear that, clik-clakTons of fun with gunsFuck every the lil" chit-chat get ago get that get thatWho knows, that goes there? Motherfuckers it"s Poppa BearStop and also stare; pourin out a lil" gasoline and also then drop a flareI"m on, FIRE! and also you recognize I can"t protect against "til ns re-TIRE!Oh no, we continue to be swoll, rollin top top Vogue TIRES!Right under the avenue, passin you swiftly stackinIn the earlier of the Cadillac and packin emergency actionCamera, irradiate LIGHTS, throwin a punch and then fight FIGHTPackin a lunch and then BITE BITE, A-T-L stay TIGHT TIGHTI"m just tryin to conserve ya shorty. I"ma let you knowit"s actual down heah. When you ride under that two-eighty-five,and girlfriend go previous Kincaid, get ready to go past that Cambleton Roadfo" you obtain it cut totally free shorty simply shake; cause dat where demreal niggaz at.

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Ns ain"t lyin as soon as you in Decatur and also you flossindown Glenwood, Candler roadway or Rainbow come shake!Cause dat where dem genuine niggaz at. As soon as you"re goin down thatol" Nat Hill and also you pass documents second waffle house "fore you getto the well-off niggaz daaang, cause file where dem actual niggaz at!Matter of fact, simply shake when ya acquire to Georgia nigga.