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Welcome earlier to The actual Housewives the Potomac! v the current cast of personalities in the White House, part District citizens may feel favor they’ve had their to fill of reality TV drama. However with Potomac obtaining the environment-friendly light top top a second season, at least D.C. Is ultimately shaking its reputation together the region where fact shows walk to die. It remains to be viewed if any kind of in this batch of Housewives deserve to rise come the iconic standing of a Lisa Vanderpump or a Countess Luann de Lesseps, yet they haven’t unable to do the method of the actual Housewives that D.C. Simply yet. Let’s view what the ladies have actually been up to due to the fact that last season:

Gizelle has a brand-new house, where she’s patrolling the yard through a landscaper and also shrieking at gophers. She’s finding lot of of time to food to she hairdresser around her beef with Charrisse, which ns don’t psychic or treatment about. Luckily Bravo has actually us extended with part footage from watch What happens Live, in which Gizelle blabs around Charrisse having a fireman boyfriend. Host Andy Cohen proclaims this “headline news!” no in this times, Andy.

the she finally admits the end loud the Eddie is seeking a divorce.

Real Housewives that Potomac

Robyn and her ex-husband/current roommate Juan have actually been compelled to foreclose on their home and relocate to Hanover, Maryland after ~ gobs of your money was stolen by a former friend. One onscreen graphic notes the this is 45 miles from Potomac, i beg your pardon is helpful for me since I never leave D.C. And also Maryland is one large desolate wasteland as far as ns concerned. Robyn asks Juan what she must do in the epic fight between Gizelle and Charrisse, to which Juan states “stay out of it,” when barely looking far from the video clip game he’s playing. Ns can’t think the most reasonable human being on this display is the dude who’s been crashing with his ex-wife for the previous three years. Robyn is additionally doing a “slime bucket challenge” because that charity, i beg your pardon I’m reasonably certain is not a thing. That said, if this leads to Robyn playing a ditzy mom in a Nickelodeon network crossover, I’m into it.

Credit: genuine Housewives the Potomac

Karen and her long-suffering husband Ray are house hunting currently that their children have every left home, and also Karen is looking front to spending much more time alone with her husband. Evidently component of reconnecting with Ray involves adding a “Dr.” onto her desired title for him, so currently she’s referring to him together “Dr. Black color Bill Gates.” (Ray got an honorary doctorate indigenous the college of the ar of Columbia, and also a really pleased Karen is going come milk this for every it’s worth.) Karen is much less pleased through the multi-million dollar residence she and Ray walk to see, and also is specifically aghast to learn that over there is a bathroom surrounding to the dining room. She calls the bathroom the “poop room,” i m sorry is definitely a breach of among Karen’s many etiquette rules.

Credit: real Housewives that Potomac

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Ashley is busy tweaking the food selection at her Australian-themed restaurant, Oz, i m sorry is probably a good call considering it obtained a one star evaluation from The Washington post (and not also from Tom Sietsema). Her husband and also co-owner Michael desires to store the food accuracy Australian and also has really unrealistic expectations about pricing, proclaiming that the $22 steak is worth $70. He and also Ashley have actually a weird standing commitment that they won’t try to have youngsters until the restaurant breaks even, and also previously chill Michael endangers to make an excellent on the promise. Ashley is shocked, asking, “Are you informing me that tiny Brady or Hawthorne Darby are going to it is in delayed?” are you informing me that those space the surname Ashley has picked out? Ashley is additionally preparing to run in a charity occasion for a group called Manifest her Destiny Foundation, which leader to the season’s first gathering of all the Housewives.

The Manifest your Destiny shindig is following at The Howard Theatre, i m sorry brings part much-needed course to the proceedings. That so happens that Gizelle has actually previously completed in the Manifest her Destiny competition and will be serving together a judge this year. Astoundingly, Gizelle’s dislike that Ashley doesn’t store Gizelle native handing she a perfect 10 for her routine, and Ashley takes home the trophy. Once Ashley has been congratulated, Gizelle and also Charrisse head external for a good old fashioned alley fight, and to the surprised of no one, they execute not solve their issues. This look at to be a season-long throw down, and neither that these ladies is all set to earlier down. Audience surrogate Robyn wonders, “Goddamn, how are we going to move forward?”

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