Job order costing is generally used by manufacturers that __________________ or providers of practice services.

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Manufacturers the use job order costing commonly base it on a ________________ system, which gives a continuous record that materials, goods in process, and also finished items inventories.
A cost bookkeeping system documents manufacturing tasks using a perpetual perform system, which consistently updates documents for prices of ___________, ___________________, and also _____________________.
A __________________ system likewise provides fashionable information around inventories and also manufacturing prices per unit that product. This is especially useful for managers" initiatives to regulate costs and also determine selling prices.
Many suppliers produce commodities individually designed to meet the demands of a particular customer. Each customized product is produced separately and also its production is dubbed _________ production.
When a job involves producing more than one unit that a tradition product, it is often referred to as a ________.
Another function of project order production is the diversity, often referred to as __________________, of the assets produced. Each customer order is most likely to different from one more in some necessary respect.
The principle of customization is equally applicable come both manufacturing and __________ companies. Most organization companies meet customers" demands by performing a custom business for a details customer.
The initial event in a normal job order operation is the _______________________ for a custom product.
A much less common situation occurs when administration decides to start work on a job prior to it has actually a signed contract. This is referred to as jobs developed on _____________.

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Events in project Order CostingStep 1: __________________________Step 2: ____________________________ step 3: _________________________
Predict the price to finish the job, Negotiate price and also decide whether to go after the job, Schedule manufacturing of the job
Some work are priced on a cost-plus basis: The customer payment the manufacturer because that _______ incurred on the project plus a negotiated quantity or rate of _______.