Author: Byrd Baylor and also Peter ParnallPlot Summary: This book is about a young who desires to learn to listen like the old male who deserve to hear the corn ar sing, or the way a rock feels around a lizard. He deserve to hear points that most human being do not take the moment to listen to. Once the boy asks him to teach him exactly how to hear to together things, the old man explains that he wishes he could, however it is miscellaneous one needs to learn indigenous the hills, and also ants, and lizards, etc. The boy seems to only be able to hear the points normal human being hear, until one day when he is go alone and he hears the hills.Posted In: Ethics

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Discussion Questions:

What walk it median to listen something?

Is hearing the same as listening?

The book tell united state that the old male “always inquiry himself hard questions the take a while to answer.” Who decides just how long we have to answer a question?

Why perform some questions take longer to prize than other ones?

Are there benefits of taking much more time before answering a question?

Can we learn from the adhering to things? Why or why not?

HillsAntsTreesThe starsWeeds

Does a teacher always need to be a human? an adult? Why or why not?

What else deserve to be a teacher? Why?

Do you agree or disagree that occasionally it is vital we invest time alone? Why?

The old man explains how, “You need to respect the tree,” if you want to hear it and that “if girlfriend think you’re far better than the thing, you’ll never hear that voice.” What does he mean?

What is silence? can there it is in noise and also it still be silent?

Can we discover anything from silence?

Follow up Activity: Solo Sit Spot

This task is best done if teachers have access to an out space, a big yard, field, forest, or playground. However, it can be accommodated come a classroom where each student finds a quiet spot come sit through distance between themselves and also other students.

Each student will exercise sitting alone and just listening because that anywhere type 5-20 minutes depending on the age and time constraints. This task is nicely paired with a sound map, where student can try to draw the sound lock hear approximately them.

Contributed by Morgan Lindberg



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