“Modern Family” actress, Sarah Hyland started acting as soon as she was barely four years old. However, she had a rough start as a child with numerous health worries that according to doctors, might have prevented she from top a normal lifestyle. In spite of having serious health issues like Kidney dysplasia, in addition to the support of her parents, she conquered all her difficulties to lead an especially life. She has actually inked few tattoos on she skin; motivated by her very own life.

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1. Monitor My Heartbeat on her Left Ribcage


Tattoo:” follow mine heartbeat” with a flower.

Meaning: Sarah obtained her left ribcage inked with the expression “follow mine heartbeat ” with a flower underlying it. The tattoo to be inked by the celebrity tattooist, Dr. Woo in April 2016. In among her Instagram account, she posted through a photo with the caption,

“Where carry out I go? monitor my heartbeat.”- HAIR and hashtag self-love.”

As plenty of of her fans recognize that she is suffering from chronic kidney disease, which in addition to extreme pain, fatigue, and also facial swelling, likewise causing Hair loss- a major problem specifically for a woman. She practically spends her two years through the certain Hair people at the Hollywood bowl to restore her loss.


2. ‘The best method out is constantly through” top top her right Ribcage


Tattoo: Symbol because that “The best way out is constantly through

Meaning: Hyland got her appropriate ribcage inked with the tattoo that has a fine line running with one large and a small circle on it which symbolizes because that the phrase “The best way out is always through” a quoting by Robert Frost. Tattooist, Dr. Woo, again does this tattoo, in September 2017. The actor said that this was not a great year for her as she has struggled a lot due to her wellness issues. This tattoo is a referral to her stamin throughout she battles.

3. An arrow on she Spine


Tattoo: an Arrow

Meaning: Sarah has inked an arrow on her spine. This tattoo is inked by Tattooist, Max Hanson in march 2015 in ~ Shamrock social Club together with her ideal friend, Stephanie Branco. Sarah posted a snapshot showing her and her ideal friend’s tattoo on one Instagram with a caption,

“What did I perform this weekend? acquired some ink with my ideal friends.

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4. Humming Bird on the Backside that her ideal Ear


Tattoo: Humming Bird

Meaning: Sarah gained her backside the the ear inked v a hummingbird. This tattoo is excellent by the tattooist, Dr. Woo in November 2014. She post a short article on Instagram and also wrote,

” The hummingbird, despite it be but little, deserve to travel an excellent distances. It is a transport of joy and also lightness of being. Independent and also resilient; the hummingbird lifts negative energy from your life and also shows girlfriend the perfect mix of playfulness and also endurance. Thank you, Dr. Woo, for giving me this tiny guy to constantly remind me the (and to whisper sweet nothings into my ear)”.

5. Dinosaur on she Buttock


Tattoo: Dinosaur

Meaning: Sarah has inked she buttock v a dinosaur together with her BFF, Katie Welch top top vacation. She created We think in dinosaur hashtag dinobootybabies